Review: ‘Ugly Love’ charms readers with slow burn romance


Maya Contreras

‘Ugly Love’ by Colleen Hoover exemplifies a heart-wrenching story of two people destined to be together. This book can be found at your local library or bookstore. “I’ve never loved reading a book as much until I read this one,” Junior and writer Maya Contreras said. “It was so charming, I couldn’t put it down.”

Maya Contreras, Reporter

Book Summary

Passed out in front of her apartment, Miles Archer is not at all who Tate was expecting to meet on her move in.

Tate Collins is an academic student hoping to get her masters in nursing. She is hardworking, and prides herself for what she has accomplished. Coming from a family of airline pilots, Tate fits in easily with her brother’s friends — except for Miles.

Miles Archer, airline pilot, is a secretive guy with a past he is willing to tell no one. It is his past that keeps him from allowing himself to ever love again. He is reserved, who never lets his true character be revealed.

Miles has no interest in starting a relationship, and Tate has no time. The only thing both of them can’t seem to escape from is a shared physical attraction. An agreement made to see one another without the fear of emotions getting in the way is made, but how long can two people make it before their feelings come breaking through?

There are two rules in this arrangement set by Miles: never ask about his past and don’t expect a future. Two rules made to stop any possible feelings that may develop in their time together.

From road trips to late night adventures, it’s hard to deny there aren’t any true feelings involved between the two of them. It is these events that slowly give Tate hope for a future.

Personal Opinion

I was in a book slump for about a year. I couldn’t find the time or patience to really sit down and read a book, until a friend recommended Colleen Hoover Books. The first one I read was “It Ends With Us.” Then, I decided to try another book. “Ugly Love” is my all time favorite so far. A slow burn romance keeps the audience entertained and captivated.

All of Colleen Hoover’s books transition between each character every other chapter. This allows for two completely different perspectives.

Miles’ perspective starts six years ago, slowly leading up to the event in his past that is keeping him from loving again. Tate’s perspective starts in present time, following along with the adventures her and Miles take together.

Tate played an enormous role in helping Miles come to peace with his past. She is by far one of my favorite characters I’ve read so far. Although she meets a boy who has everything she could have ever wanted in a man, she doesn’t let a relationship stand in the way of her career.

Miles has some of the strongest character development I have ever seen. His character demonstrated to the audience what it means to be in a constant state of a silent struggle. Throughout the book, he slowly starts to gain back his original character with the help of Tate, his best friend, and his past.

My favorite element about this book isn’t the characters, but the theme that Hoover teaches us. Her book demonstrates the importance of allowing yourself to grieve the past in order to move forward with your future.

Overall, this is an easy book read that is impossible to put down. One of my favorite surprise elements is how greatly the book cover relates to the most memorable part of the book.