News Brief: Apps provide solutions for students

ENN - Abigail Easley


Michael Ramirez

Laying on a desk sits pens, paper and a device using the Mathway app. The set-up illustrates many student’s point of view every day. Mathway acts as a learning tool, explaining difficult math problems.

Michael Ramirez, Abigail Easley

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In their lifespan, students will use multiple different types of educational applications to get help with different subjects. Various applications like Socratic, Mathway and Brainly help with core subjects like math, science, history and English. All three applications have various subcategories for core subjects.

Educational Apps

Socratic uses a phone’s camera and allows the user to search the desired question. The topics can range from poetry to trigonometry, to chemistry and more, making the application a well-rounded study tool for any student in any class. However, both Mathway and Brainly use a search bar user interface to allow the user to type in specific questions. While Mathway only handles math, the application includes different types of mathematics and lets the user choose which category they need. Brainly handles multiple subjects and various sub-categories, but what makes Brainly different is that it is community-based. The user can upload any question, then it will help the user by giving them a step-by-step guide on how to solve the problem. The question is then posted with the user’s permission so other users can then benefit from each other’s questions.

Planner Apps

Different applications also exist to help a student plan better. Taking advantage of the Pocket Schedule Planner gives students a space to plan out their entire day. The application has a built-in calendar that works inside the app by communicating with the assignments and tasks bar. The assignment bar allows the owner to input any assignment along with the due date and whether the assignment is important or not. Then, the taskbar allows the student to make an objective that can be school-related like studying into a task for a certain time and can be repeatable. This application makes students’ lives easier because of how flexible the tool is, making it possible to start using it at any point in the year.

Test Prep Apps

Other tools, like Perfectprep, focus on the ACT and SAT to help students study for college testing. The application handles both college-level tests and can be personalized to the user. Perfectprep gives the user a variety of questions that show strengths and weaknesses and help build a successful plan. The application also allows the student to input their testing date, and the application will then set goals to make sure the user is prepared for the test.

Language, Geography Apps

In addition, some tools help with learning a second language or learning cities, states and countries from different areas around the world. Duolingo, a language-learning website allows anyone to learn a different language. This application steps users from basic understanding to fluency. Maps of Our World, a world geography tool, helps students remember different continents, countries and states. The application offers training and challenge modes. Training allows users to have unlimited tries and will show the user both the incorrect answer in red and the correct version in green. While the challenge mode is similar to the training, you can only have three errors. Giving the student two different ways of studying, one that allows mistakes and another to challenge the student, gives a true representation of knowledge gained.