Homecoming pep rally honors varsity cheerleader

The Homecoming pep rally occured during Eagle Time Friday, Sept. 24 and honored senior varsity cheerleader Makayla Noble who suffered a spinal cord injury Monday, Sept. 20. The pep rally featured performances from cheerleaders, colorguard, band, Talonettes, and student council. Click “read more” above or click on the slideshow below to view photos and captions of the pep rally.

Here’s a few more details:

Who: Students, staff and community members

What: Homecoming pep rally

When: Friday, Sept. 24

Where: The arena

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Some Quotes from the Slideshow:

“This year’s Homecoming pep rally had the school’s arena packed with students, teachers and community members excited for more Homecoming fun,” senior Conner Frey said. “With school spirit and in support for Makayla’s fight, students in the seats and on the floor were decked out in green and purple. It was a blast to see everyone there having fun, and, as a senior, it was a great last homecoming pep rally.”

“The whole community coming together with love and prayers to show support for Makayla was awe inspiring,” senior Tiana Albino said. “Seeing a majority of students, staff members and families at the game wearing purple shirts and purple ribbons for Makayla shows the true heart of this town.”

“What I enjoyed most about the pep rally was the amount of energy coming from everyone in the arena,” senior Tiana Albino said. “It was a particularly packed house with all grade levels and even parents present, so it was thrilling to see everyone and celebrate Homecoming together.”