History’s Forgotten Finale: Rachel Carson


In an image taken by Neena Sidhu, seniors Caroline Wilburn, Maddie Moats and Christi Norris record the final episode of History’s Forgotten. In this episode, Wilburn, Moats and Norris discuss the life of Rachel Carson. Carson’s work made a lasting impact on the environmental science industry, and her published books brought awareness to the harmful affects of pollution.

In the last episode of History’s Forgotten, seniors Maddie Moats, Caroline Wilburn and junior Christi Norris discuss the life and achievements of Rachel Carson. Born in Pennsylvania, Carson grew up with a love for nature that she carried with her throughout her life. After earning her degree, she was hired by the U.S. Bureau of Fisheries to write radio scripts during the Great Depression. Throughout her life she published many pieces that encouraged others to appreciate nature’s beauty. Despite losing her battle to breast cancer, Carson’s work left a legacy  in both the science and literary world. As they depart from the series, Moats, Wilburn and Norris reflect on their time with the show and all the memories made. 

Topics Covered:

Rachel Carson

Chatham University 

 U.S. Bureau of Fisheries

Under The Sea Wind

The Sea Around Us

The Edge of the Sea

Silent Spring