History’s Forgotten: Episode 6 — Matthew Henson, Black History Month

In this episode

For Black History Month, seniors Maddie Moats, Caroline Wilburn and junior Christi Norris discuss important contributions of African Americans throughout history in this episode of “History’s Forgotten.” This podcast highlights Matthew Henson, an explorer who was a vital part of the team that made the first journey to the North Pole. Henson spent most of his life without appreciation for his contributions to the historical expedition. But after decades of being forgotten, his accomplishment was honored by the U.S. Congress and the Explorers Club in New York City. Henson faced discrimination his entire life but never let bias and hate keep him from changing the world. 

Taking a selfie, junior Christy Norris with seniors Caroline Wilburn Maddie Moats prepare to discuss Matthew Henson for this episode of “History’s Forgotten.” In honor of Black History Month, the series covered two important African Americans from history. “History’s Forgotten,” has won five Best of SNO awards and continues to publish on Eagle Nation Online. (Christi Norris)
Topics Covered:

Matthew Henson

Robert E. Peary

Arctic Exploration

North Pole Discovery

Arlington National Cemetary

Black History Month

Civil Rights Movement