History’s Forgotten: Episode 4 – Holocaust Remembrance Week


Grace Williamson

While seniors Maddie Moats and Caroline Wilburn speak into the mic, Junior Christi Norris records the latest episode of the “Best of SNO” winning podcast History’s Forgotten. In honor of Holocaust Remembrance Week Jan. 25-29, this episode will cover three heroes or survivors of the Holocaust. “There are millions of stories to tell, so only talking about three people feels like an injustice,” Moats said. “But I think it’s important to pay respects in any way you can.”

In this episode:

Schools and television have long told stories of the Holocaust — the mass genocide of 6 million Jews from 1941 to 1945 by the Nazi regime. Some of the most widely known stories of the Holocaust include Oskar Schindler, who rescued 1,200 Jews from death, or Anne Frank, who died after hiding from the Nazis for two years in the Netherlands. But beyond these two widely known stories remain millions of untold experiences from the events of the Holocaust. Seniors Maddie Moats, Caroline Wilburn and junior Christi Norris are on the mic again in this “Best of SNO” winning podcast series to discuss three Holocaust survivors or Holocaust heroes that history forgot.

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Topics Covered:

The Holocaust

Chiune Sugihara

Sofka Skipwith

Holocaust Survivors

Nazi Germany


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