History’s Forgotten: Episode 1 – Charlotta Bass

Student journalists discuss impact of actual first vice presidential nominee woman of color


Sitting down to record the first episode of “History’s Forgotten,” Maddie Moats, Christi Norris and Caroline Wilburn discuss historical figure Charlotta Bass. History’s Forgotten is a podcast that covers figures history may have forgotten. In the first episode, Moats, Norris and Wilburn discuss the first black vice presidential nominee, Charlotta Bass.

In this Episode: 


With Joe Biden’s announcement of Kamala Harris as his Vice President pick, many consider her the first woman of color to be nominated as vice president in history, but this title actually belongs to Charlotta Bass, who ran for vice president in 1952. In this episode, hosts Maddie Moats and Christi Norris, along with guest Caroline Wilburn cover the life of Charlotta Bass, and how she paved the way for women like Kamala Harris and human rights activists across America. 


Topics Covered:

2020 US election

Vice Presidential Nominees

Charlotta Bass



History of American politics