Review: ‘The Proud Family’ comes to Disney Plus


Disney Plus releases the nostalgic show called “The Proud Family,”¬†which was a Disney Channel original show that debuted in 2001 and had four years of running seasons. “This show was a huge hit especially in African Americans households,” reviewer Justin Hudson said. “You have time now to start binge watching old seasons before new episodes come out Feb. 1.”

Disney Plus recently released the nostalgic series, “The Proud Family,” which¬†was a Disney Channel original show that debuted in 2001 and had four years of running seasons. This series drew a large audience, especially from African American households because it had predominantly black characters and voice actors, who worked together to create a one-of-a-kind animated show that stood out as unique especially for its humor.

Sadly, the show was not brought back until there was talk in late 2019 that it would be released on Disney Plus in the next year. On Jan. 3, “The Proud Family” returned on Disney Plus, with its first two seasons. This news has excited people who grew up watching this classic, knowing that this favorite black animated show has returned. Unfortunately, no new episodes are available yet. Disney reported that the new episodes will release Feb. 1.

If you have fallen in love with this nostalgic series full of humor and African American culture, it’s back for you to watch on Disney Plus. But, knowing that the episodes of the show won’t actually release until February, you can spend your time binging the first two season for the rest of the month to ease your impatience.

For more details, Youtuber “Cartoon Connect” goes in-depth about the possibility of the content of the new episodes and “The Proud Family’s” future.