Passion for basketball takes senior to Japan and back


Emma Hutchinson

Senior Ammon Allan, No. 5, prepares to shoot a free throw. Allan made several baskets to put the Eagles on top with a 52-45 final score against Flower Mound’s Marcus Marauders. Allan and the rest of the varsity boys will return on Friday, Dec. 13, to play against Richardson.

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Only 15 seconds left on the clock. Both teams are tied. Prosper is in possession. A few quick passes go, and the ball lies in Ammon Allan’s hands. 13 seconds left. He glides through a swarm of defenders, looks to the basket and takes the leap. The ball taps the backboard and slips through the net, with a solid 10 seconds to spare. A quiet crowd roars to life as Allan’s teammates congratulate him. For Allan, this moment is what it’s all about. Adrenaline, hustle and glory have brought him this far in the game of basketball – and life. 

The 13-2 Eagles will travel to Fort Worth Friday, Dec. 20, for a matchup against Birdville. Tip-off will be at 7 p.m.

“Growing up I just loved playing all kinds of sports, but I just naturally kind of gravitated toward basketball,” Allan said. “The fact that there’s so many different combinations and styles of the game really attracted me.”

During the summer of 2016, before his freshman year of high school, Allan received the opportunity to play on a club basketball team at Nagoya International School in Nagoya, Japan. He would have to live and attend school there, make new friends, adapt to a different culture and ultimately create a new life just to play basketball. He claimed the opportunity without hesitation. 

“I was really blessed and really fortunate to find connections really quickly over there and get on a club team,” Allan said. “Everybody on the team could only speak Japanese except one person. He translated everything for me.” 

After two years of playing for the Nagoya Dolphins, Allan returned to the United States to live in Prosper. Back in Texas, he said he was eager to get back on the court and start fresh yet again.

“Being able to play at my international school was such a blessing and to go over there and see the different styles versus over here in America,” Allan said. “Everything’s different, but I definitely learned a lot.” 

Allan made the varsity basketball team his junior year as a newcomer and, according to teammates, never failed to bring positivity to every game. 

“I’m just motivated because with basketball, there’s no such thing as ‘perfect,'” Allan said. “You know you’re never going to make 100 percent of your shots so that just motivates me to keep working on my game and getting better every single day. I know the sky’s the limit as long as I keep working my hardest.” 

Now, as the senior captain of the varsity Eagles, Allan said he hopes to lead the boys to new horizons – with a gold trophy at the edge.  

“His leadership on the court and in practice helps keep the team together and functional,” junior Luke Chaney said. 

Allan serves not just as the team’s captain, but a friend to the players as well.  

“He’s a good captain and role model for the team because he either plays good or he’s got this positive attitude that just resonates with everyone,” Chaney said.   

With Allan’s senior year halfway done, his teammates reflected on his journey to becoming the basketball player he is.  

“This is his final year. he came in last year and immediately set a great example for all of the young players,” manager Boston Bogard said. “He has a great attitude toward everything, and he’s very optimistic. If someone’s down, he’ll be the first to pick them back up.” 

As Allan continues to work – and play, he also said he looks ahead to what the future holds for him and the game he’s grown to love.

“I definitely plan on taking basketball to the next level,” Allan said. “If that’s what God has in store for me, then that’s what I’m going to do. Right now I’m just keeping my options open, and we’ll see what happens.”