Artist of the week – Madison Lee


Rhi Lee

Senior Madison Lee poses for a hip hop photoshoot. Lee has been part of The Officials dance crew for two years and does hip hop performances and competitions. “We got hired to be cruise performers for a Royal Caribbean Cruise,” Lee said. “We went to Haiti, Jamaica and Cozumel.”

Dancer covers academics, performs for top competitions, events

What dance teams are you involved in?

“I’m on two different teams, one of which is a competitive drill team, kind of like the one we have at school. We train in all styles, and we compete at competitions like MA, Showtime and Crowd Pleasers. My other dance team is a pre-professional hip hop team called ‘The Officials,’ and we compete at national and international events like Hip Hop International and World of Dance.”

What is one of your scholarly accomplishments as of recent?

“I guess the biggest one is that I qualified for National Merit semi-finalist, and I’ve applied for finalist already.”

What’s been the most challenging thing this year with balancing both school and dance?

“Because I still took AP classes this year, I have to work hard, but also I have to do college applications at the same time. Like last weekend I had to write essays for early action schools because that’s due Nov. 1, and then I didn’t really have time to do any of my homework because I had that and two separate dance teams that each have their own events.”

What is one of your favorite memories from dance?

“We actually did a cruise together. We got hired to be cruise performers for a Royal Caribbean Cruise, and we went to Haiti, Jamaica and Cozumel, and we got two perform twice in the Aqua Theatre. We had so much fun and got a lot closer.”

What are some other performances you have done?

“My team, The Officials, has been doing the Dallas Cowboys home-opener halftime show with the Dallas Cowboys Rhythm and Blue and the Rookie Squad.”


A video of The Officials performing at the 2019 “World of Dance Dallas” follows.

A video of the Cowboys home opener halftime show follows.