Administrators reinforce dress code policy for second semester


Kennedy Wyles and Kester Muthalaly

An anonymous student stands outside the office wearing "Eagle Greens," holding up the "Code of Conduct" with dress code rules."'Eagle Greens" are used as the alternative to a inappropriate outfit and a punishment to those not following the dress code rules.

Kennedy Wyles

Reading Time: 2 minutes

No facial hair, tattoos or pants above fingertip length are just a few rules stated in the “Dress and Grooming” portion of the PISD Student Code of Conduct. Students who choose to disobey the dress code are given “Eagle Greens,” which consist of green sweatpants and a shirt that reads “Dress for Success.” Students who are found in violation of dress code must wear these for the remainder of the day, or they can find themselves placed in in-school suspension if they’re caught repeatedly breaking rules.

Recently, students have observed administrators cracking down on students more than usual. Small nose piercings or unique hair colors are getting students in trouble, even on the first day back from a long break.

The administration should come up with a dress code containing rules and regulations that aren’t as strict, so students can feel comfortable and confident during class while still wearing appropriate attire.

Freedom of expression is an important virtue instilled in teenagers today. As students struggle to find who they strive to be, while trying to fit in with the crowd, style can provide their own way of expressing themselves. Whether they stay up-to-date in the fashion industry or choose to stand out with a unique taste, their wardrobe allows them to feel comfortable in their own skin and show off a piece of who they are.

The current policy also results in an unnecessary decrease in class time for students who are dress-coded. When people are dress-coded, they must immediately report to the office where they change out of their outfit. Students can ultimately spend up to 20 minutes in the office. That is time that they could have been spending in class learning important information.

Some say that clothing deemed “inappropriate” is distracting. However, it is even more distracting when students are forced to wear ‘Eagle Greens’ all day long. It brings unwanted observation to dress-coded students, who may not want to be the center of attention, as they are walking through the halls.

With a less-strict dress code and not as public of a punishment, students can continue to express themselves, feel comfortable at school and stay in classes to improve their grades.