Varsity winter guard ends season, plans for future

Members reflect on their season and hopes for the future of the program


Kevin Vedder

Putting their hands in for a final time as a team, varsity winter guard members prepare for a cheer after their final performance of the season. The team competed in the North Texas Color Guard Association (NTCA) championship on April 1. Photographed are freshman Adison Ewell, sophomores Mya Brim, Bella Koakowski, Makenna Boushey, seniors Megan Broyles, Kaylee Song, Nora Vedder, sophomore Raegan Meyer, freshman Camille Torres, sophomore Brinley Berkenbile, senior Sophia Adams, freshman Kiera Payne, color guard director Lindsay Kuzmierczak, freshmen Addyson Bergman, Jayden Howeth and sophomore Sammie Munoz.

April 1, 2023: the final competition of the season. Varsity winter guard members await their placement announcement at the retreat for the North Texas Color Guard Association (NTCA) circuit championships, competing in the National A class. The varsity team came in 5th place in their round, with a score above 80.

The varsity team’s season started at the beginning of winter break, when they first began learning their show titled “Is It Really Love?”

“Honestly I think this season went by really fast,” freshman Adison Ewell said. “(I enjoyed) how I got to spend time with other people this season and (to) be able to improve my flag work.”

Following their final performance of the season, varsity winter guard members pose for a group photo in front of the North Texas Color Guard Association (NTCA) backdrop. The team placed 5th at championships. Photographed (left to right, back to front) are sophomores Sammie Munoz, Mya Brim, Raegan Meyer, freshman Kiera Payne, sophmores Makenna Boushey, Bella Koakoski, freshmen Adison Ewell, Addyson Bergman, Jayden Howeth, Camille Torres, sophomore Brinley Berkenbile, and seniors Kaylee Song, Sophia Adams, Megan Broyles and Nora Vedder (Lindsay Kuzmierczak)

The team consisted of 15 members, four of them being seniors and five being freshmen.

“The fact that I’m on varsity was a really big confidence booster,” freshman Kiera Payne said. “It’s been a lot of hard work but it’s been worth it in the end.”

One senior and coordinator, Sophia Adams, experienced a knee injury for a majority of the season, but was able to perform in the final show.

I have mixed emotions,” Adams said. “I’m happy, even though my season specifically wasn’t as I may have wanted it, but I’m happy to be here with everyone.” 

Improvement has been a topic of discussion for many of the members upon the conclusion of their season.

“I enjoyed seeing the excitement, people improving this year, being a better person for themselves and the guard,” sophomore Sammie Munoz said. “I think I improved a lot with dance and flag, I think I really improved a lot in that for next year’s upcoming show.” 

The four seniors were the only upperclassmen on the team, the rest of the members plan for their upcoming marching band season.

“I hope that we can do lots of new things no one has seen,” Munoz said. “Because this is a show that we have never done before and I hope we get to do more things like that.”

The Mighty Eagle Band’s 2023 show is titled “Deep in the Heart of Texas” being revealed to members on March 17 and to the public through social media on April 5.

“I hope that the team grows closer and that we are able to do more complicated things,” Payne said. “I’m really hoping that we just improve as the years go on.”

In fall seasons, the color guard is usually very big, this year having 47 members, but winter guard teams are typically much smaller. According to sophomore Mya Brim, winter guard brings members closer together.

“Winter guard isn’t just a hobby or a sport, it’s an experience filled with love and fun,”  Brim said. “It’s a great way to make friends and the memories you make will be unforgettable. By joining winter guard, you don’t just join a team, you join a family.”

Both upper and lower grade levels reflected upon their contentment with the season, and their excitement for what’s to come.

“I’m happy that I’ve had the experiences that I had this year,” Adams said. “And I think that it’s a really good way to end it.”