History teacher reflects on time at Prosper, prepares for new era at Walnut Grove HS

Greg Easley shares goals he has for students

As he gives instructions on the next assignment, Greg Easley explains to his students what they will do. This is his third year teaching AP World History at Prosper High School. Next year, he will be moving to Walnut Grove.

Erica Deutsch

As he gives instructions on the next assignment, Greg Easley explains to his students what they will do. This is his third year teaching AP World History at Prosper High School. Next year, he will be moving to Walnut Grove.

As students come into his class, history teacher Greg Easley greets them at the door before class – soon, some of them will follow him out the door as they will transition to Walnut Grove, and Easley will get to continue sharing his passion for history.

Easley has been at Prosper High for three years, and he will be transferring over to Walnut Grove high school this fall for the 2023-2024 school year.

Mr. Easley makes history so much fun. Before I had his class, I thought history was boring, but being in his class has made me realize that history can be fun through interesting activities and interacting with friends. I really like being one of his students because he always prioritizes us.

— Mia Bedell, sophomore

“I started teaching because I always had a passion for history,” Easley said. “I wanted to do something with that in mind.”

Easley said high school English and history teachers inspired him to become an educator.

“I had some really good teachers all throughout school, but some ones that stuck out to me were my world history teacher in high school, and she was really fun,” Easley said. “And I had a great English teacher named Mrs. Haynes that inspired me a lot – I wanted to teach like her.”

After high school, Easley attended Texas A&M in College Station. There, he met more educators that he cherished.

“And then (I met) my favorite history professor in college, Dr. Brasington,” Easley said. “People like them gave me an idea for how I wanted to teach, and sort of the impact I wanted to have.”

As a teacher, Easley’s objective is to make an impact.

“My goals as a teacher are to continue upping my game, and getting better as a teacher every year,” Easley said. “(I want to reach) as many students as I can, and help them on their journey.”

Easley teaches AP World History in the social studies department. This class is offered for 10-12th-grade students.

“I want to make an impact in what I do, both in terms of helping my students prepare academically, but also just being there for them,” Easley said, “as well as influencing them in a positive way as much as possible.”

I love how engaging he is with his students and with Prosper. He goes off on little tangents and stories that makes him so much more relatable and gives life to the classroom.

— Athena Pinar, junior

As one era ends, Easley said he is excited to begin his new journey at Walnut Grove. During his time at PHS, Easley has made many memorable moments that he will take with him as he transitions into Walnut Grove.

“I just have hundreds of memories of all of the awesome students I’ve worked with here (during) my three years, and just all the fun times they’ve had in class joking around together,” Easley said. “And, there are a lot of students I have enjoyed working with.”

Easley will continue teaching history at Walnut Grove.

“I am going to miss my department,” Easley said. “All the friendships I’ve built with people, and the teacher workroom’s funny conversations – in particular, Mr. Perkins. I have a close bond. I’m going to miss (them).”

He always makes an effort to talk to us about our life each day, and you truly see how much he cares for us. He makes learning about history way more fun and I always look forward to his class.

— Nicole Steel, sophomore

This will mark the first time Easley gets to open up a new school in the district.

“I’ve never had the experience of opening up a new school before,” Easley said. “So, I’m really interested in what that’s going to be like – but I’m really excited.”

The principal at Walnut Grove HS will be Dustin Toth, who is currently the principal at Rock Hill.

“I’m excited to do something new.” Easley said. “Mr. Toth seems like a really cool principal to work with. I’ve heard really good things about him, and I’m excited to join their team.”

Easley said he’s glad some of his students will also transfer to Walnut Grove with him.

“I’m very excited about the opportunity,” Easley said. “I’m also a little bit sad to leave behind a lot of beloved coworkers here that I enjoyed working with, but I’m really excited about doing a chapter at Walnut Grove, and (I’m) glad some of my students are following me over there, as well.”