Senior’s rabbit takes home 3 1st-place ribbons in livestock showing

FFA member Kynlee Brown reflects on her work with the program


Laura Brown

With her rabbit Peter in hand, senior FFA member, Kynlee Brown, holds a first place ribbon for the “Best of Breed” category. Brown competed in the Southwestern Exposition and Livestock Show Feb. 4. “Working with animals can be a struggle at first when you don’t really understand the animal’s personality,” Brown said. “I’ve had Peter for almost a year, so I’ve grown to understand what he needs and his quirks.” (Photo courtesy of Laura Brown)

Nora Vedder, Reporter

Judges examine rabbits of the Crème d’Argent breed in the Southwestern Exposition and Livestock Show, as their exhibitors wait for their results. One Crème d’Argent rabbit, Peter, belonging to senior FFA member, Kynlee Brown, stood out to the judges, winning the first place prizes of “Best of Class,” “Best of Breed” and “Best of Fur.”

Kynlee had shown Peter at the livestock show in Fort Worth, Texas, Feb. 4.

It was nerve racking when the judge examined Peter and all of the other Crème d’Argent’s,” Kynlee said. “But the nerves were not needed because Peter got first in Senior Buck, first in fur class for Crème d’Argent and best of breed.”

Kynlee competed in the breeding rabbit showing, where judges examine multiple characteristics of the rabbit.

“Breeding rabbits are evaluated based on their breed characteristics, which are established by the American Rabbit Breeders Association,” FFA adviser Jordan Loving said. “Breed characteristics are things like structural build, body shape and conditioning, color of fur, etc. At a show, the rabbits are judged against other rabbits who are the same breed, sex and age division.”

The showing took place from Feb. 2-4, when many districts had the day off of school due to inclement weather.

I woke up early for three days straight,” Kynlee said. “So when everyone else was sleeping in, enjoying their day off, I was leaving my house at 6:30 a.m. and driving to Fort Worth on icy roads.” 

Kynlee has been a member of FFA since her freshman year, and stayed active throughout her high school career.

“Originally I joined because I wanted to be a vet,” Kynlee said. “Despite the change of my career choice I (stayed because I) still wanted to be a part of the community, since I’ve made so many friends from my experiences in FFA.”

Kynlee has been with the FFA community for four years, and through her time in this program she developed leadership skills that I have no doubt will go with her to college.

— Kynlee Brown's mother, Laura Brown

Kynlee has shown rabbits in previous years, but has competed in different categories.

“This is Kynlee’s second year showing rabbits,” Loving said. “Last year, she showed market rabbits, which are raised and shown as a group and judged based on their meat quality and uniformity. Kynlee has done a great job with her animal projects in FFA.”

Kynlee has taken care of Peter for about a full year, having him since April of 2022.

“Although I didn’t raise (Peter) when he was a baby, I got him as an adult,” Kynlee said. “I have altered his diet, and I’ve also given him lots of love and attention just like his last owner.”

According to their website, FFA is an organization that prepares students for leadership, growth and career success all through agricultural education, and provides the next generation of leaders who will change the world. 

“I’ve watched her confidence grow within (FFA), and I know that when she goes to college she will easily find connections with peers from other FFA programs and have those friendships throughout her lifetime,” Kynlee’s mother, Laura Brown said. “I am so appreciative for Prosper High School’s FFA program and teachers, and we are so proud of our Kynlee and Peter the rabbit.”

Along with her recent success in showings, Kynlee reflects on the community of the FFA program.

“I enjoy the people in FFA the most, although winning is also nice,” Kynlee said. “When participating in an extracurricular like FFA you learn that you are able to find so many people similar to yourself.”