Senior varsity track athlete commits to run at UT Austin, prepares for final Prosper season

Lauren Lewis takes her career beyond final stretch


Focused, Lauren Lewis prepares for the competition ahead. “Anybody who thinks that they can’t do anything, know you’re not alone.” Lewis said. “Everybody has a struggle, but you can do whatever you put your mind to.” Photo by Neena Sidhu.

What keeps me motivated is just my desire and my drive to get better. I’ve always wanted to be the best at everything I do. Just (to) glorify God and everything that I do and be an inspiration to peers around me (is my goal).

— Lauren Lewis, senior

The sun shines, and the crowd cheers as senior Lauren Lewis braces her feet against the starting block to open up for her next 200-meter dash. Since seventh grade, Lewis has been competing with Prosper’s Track and Field team, and now she plans to continue her career at the University of Texas at Austin in the fall of 2023.

Lewis said she discovered her love for the sport when she started club track in eighth grade. But, she didn’t just grow in how much the sport meant to her. Other schools and colleges started to recognize her.

“What keeps me motivated is just my desire and my drive to get better,” Lewis said. “I’ve always wanted to be the best at everything I do – just glorify God – and, (in) everything that I do, be an inspiration to peers around me.”

Lewis is best known for her 200-meter dash, which also happens to be her favorite event.

“Her goal of being a state champion has always been a top priority,” coach Jennifer Gegogeine said. “Last track season she accomplished her goal when she won gold at the state meet in the 400-meter – re-breaking her school record and ranking top three in the country.”

In addition to finding success through track, Lewis said the sport also allowed her to learn life lessons.

“Track has taught me how to deal with leadership problems and how to help with communication barriers,” Lewis said. “And, to support one another whenever times get hard.”

In addition, Lewis said she learned to appreciate having coaches and teammates around her for support.

“My favorite part about high school track is watching my teammates grow,” teammate and Ohio State University track and field commit senior Kayla Watson said. “Also, supporting and cheering everyone on at the meets is great.”

Covered in awards, senior Lauren Lewis snaps a picture after a meet. Lewis holds Prosper High School records for the 200m and 400m races. Photo courtesy of Lauren Lewis.

Overcoming the hurdles

While Lewis said she’s received support from family, coaches and teammates, she also has faced different obstacles throughout her career.

“Sometimes, there’s some practices where I feel like I’m not getting better at all,” Lewis said. “But, just having that mindset, you know to go out there and run what you know you can.”

Like other athletes, Lewis has had to overcome physical challenges as well.

“She had a few setbacks with injuries,” Gegogeine said. “But she stayed positive and not only overcame the setback, but came back stronger.”

The next mile

Both Lewis and Watson said they look forward to continuing to get sharper in their events this season, but they also are looking forward to competing on the university level.

“The most exciting thing is to start a new chapter,” Watson said. “And transitioning into competing in the NCAA’s.”

Focused, senior Lauren Lewis sprints through a track race representing Prosper High School. Lewis currently holds the title as 2022 6A 400m state champion. Photo by Neena Sidhu. (Neena Sidhu)

Years of work has led these athletes to take their careers past the high school level – which holds constant physical and mental attention.

“I know I’m not going to be the top person when I get there,” Lewis said. “But, I’m excited to just stay motivated and become NCAA champions, and you know I’m excited for the experience and to be along for everything.”

When talking about preparing for competing at such an advanced level of track, Lewis puts herself in a healthy frame of mind to be successful.

“The whole system, the whole sport is a mindset,” Lewis said. “If you don’t have a strong mindset then you can’t do what you need to do.”

In addition to committing to the University of Texas at Austin, Lewis received offers from Baylor University, Louisiana State University, The University of Alabama, and Arizona State University.

“Lauren is truly inspiring,” Gegogeine said.”Her passion for track is second to no one.”