Preview: Football looks to play Allen Eagles after historical upset last season


After the game against Denton Braswell, head coach Brandon Schmidt talks to the team. This season is his 22nd year in high school football coaching, and his 7th at Prosper. The offensive coordinator is Tyler Moore, who works alongside defensive coordinator William Robertson.

The Prosper Eagles and the Allen Eagles will face off tomorrow, Oct. 28 at 7 p.m. at the Allen Eagle Stadium for their annual district matchup.

Last week, the Prosper Eagles won at home against the Denton Braswell Bengals, 59-14. Prior to defeating the Bengals, the Prosper Eagles continued their four-game win streak, only losing to the Denton Guyer Wildcats. The Allen Eagles also lost to the Wildcats 49-7, which was their only district loss. Allen also lost in a non-district game to St. John Bosco High School, a team from California, as their first game.

We had a really good week of preparation. I think the boys are focused and locked in, and they’re ready for a good game tomorrow night.

— head coach Brandon Schmidt

This match up, highly anticipated by fans and players alike, is especially notable. Last year when the teams faced off, Prosper won 28-23, and broke Allen’s 11-year streak of winning every district game since 2010.

“We had a really good week of preparation,” head coach Brandon Schmidt said. “I think the boys are focused and locked in, and they’re ready for a good game tomorrow night.”

Prosper heads into this game with a 7-1 record, while Allen is heading into the game with a 6-2 record — departing from last year, where Prosper went in with a 5-3 record and Allen went in with a 7-1 record. The Prosper Eagles have had momentum in the past few games, while Allen lost to Denton Guyer last week. The Prosper Eagles have been preparing hard during practice this week to be their best, despite some interruptions.

“Preparation this week has been kind of distracting, to be honest,” special teams coordinator Coby Richards said. “There was rain on Monday, and it was really cold on Tuesday, but we’re going to avoid those distractions and (make use of) special preparation.”

Prosper is currently standing second in 6A Region I District 5, just behind Guyer, and Allen is standing third, according to MaxPreps. In the district, senior quarterback Harrison Rosar is ranked second with 1,857 passing yards this season, while Allen’s quarterback Mike Hawkins is ranked sixth with 1,161 passing yards.

Additionally, Prosper has had 309 points for and 97 points against, while Allen has 257 points for and 204 points against. With higher scoring averages per game, Prosper has a fair chance of beating the nationally-known powerhouse.

“I think we are all very excited for this game just because we won last year and we are looking to win again,” senior center Zach Barnhouse said. “We want to really show Allen that it wasn’t a one-time thing. To prepare it was really just three really good days of practice and a very strong game plan on both sides of the ball.”