Students campaign for the crown, work to win homecoming court

Mithra Cama, Multimedia Director

Homecoming season has arrived and so has the school spirit it brings. From the decorations, to dress-up days, to football games, students get involved during homecoming week – and some maybe more than others. 

Voting for homecoming king and queen is open now until 4:15 P.M. Sept. 29, allowing for seniors at the school to represent PHS at the homecoming football game. Seniors nominated for homecoming queen include Gianna Galante, Madison Grobe, Stormie Stevens and Meredith Wright. Seniors nominated for homecoming king include Evan Bish, Christopher Lemons, Kevin Madzima and Harrison Rosar. In order to vote for homecoming king and queen, students can go to

All students at the school are able to participate in voting for homecoming king and queen, regardless of grade level. Candidates for these roles have campaigned throughout the last two weeks, hoping to ensure a crown at the game. 

“We got cookies, candy, stickers, flyers, just like a bunch of other stuff,” senior Gianna Galante said. It worked for us in the first week, so we’re hoping that this week we can reach a ton of people.”

“Lots of candy to hand out. We got pencils we’ve brought in, and if you walk around the school, you’ll see like a bunch of posters and signs that we’ve hung up,” senior Evan Bish said. “We came in before and after school to do all that.”

“We have been handing out candy to people,” senior Meredith Wright said. “And, giving them like little labels to give to their friends or like telling people to tell their friends or post it on social media.”

Motivation behind the campaigning varies amongst the opponents, some running as a token of their relationship, and others as a way to bond as friends. 

“We’ve just been friends for a really long time,” Galante said of her and Madzima’s run. “So, we just thought it would be fun to run and get our names out there.”

“We’ve been together over a year,” Stevens said. “And, it’s been kind of like something we’ve wanted ever since we got together junior year.”

“We’re running because it was (Meredith’s) idea,” Lemons said. “We did it last year, and it was fun, and I was down to do it again.”

Regardless of motivation, all candidates said they have confidence in their win, finding pride in their school spirit, involvement, and campaigning efforts. 

“We represent the school in many different ways,” Stevens said. “He’s on the football team, I’m a cheerleader. We’re both powerlifters.”

“We’re cool,” Wright said. “We’re just like that. I think you should vote for us because we’re good people.”

“People should vote for us because I feel like we represent Prosper really well,” Madzima said. “We’re kind of well-rounded individuals. We talk to a lot of people. We communicate with a lot of different groups.”