Stadium Crew delivers action to fans, gains experience in multimedia

Mithra Cama, Multimedia Director

With the help of the Jumbotron, no one misses a touchdown at the Children’s Health Stadium. Behind the scenes, the stadium’s student crew ensures fans never miss a play.

Students from both Prosper and Rock Hill manage all that goes on behind the scenes of every home game.

“I am (both) the technical director and show director,” senior Kace Spears said. “I choose what camera goes on the Jumbotron, and I choose the graphics and the music.”

From cameras to music to mics, students manage it all, spending hours learning, practicing and executing new technological skills.

“We get here about four to five hours beforehand, depending on what role you have,” Spears said. “(We have to) really go through the entire script and make sure everything is spot on and good.”

Through this program, students from both high schools learn how to work with industry-level equipment, operating cameras, switchers, graphics and more.

Pointing a camera at the student section, senior Gianna Galante captures the crowd for a shot. Going into her second year on the crew, Galante has learned new skills and prepared for a future in the industry. “I want to work in film when I’m older,” Galante said. “This program has really helped me learn what it’s really like.” (Mithra Cama)

“You have to make sure that you’re on top of it,” junior Kross Nickerson said. “You can’t get distracted very easily, because you could be distracted, and a really good play just happened and then you (missed) it because you weren’t paying attention.”

Advised by PHS teachers Micheal Logan and Micheal Hatch, students with a passion for technology are able to gain hands-on experience, building their resumes and preparing them for a future in the industry.

Not only do students in this program gain real-world experience and accomplishments, but they also earn financial compensation.

“We get $100 a game,” Spears said. “But it’s not really about how much you get paid. It’s really (about) the experience that goes on behind the stadium.”

Student motivation for this program goes far above the financial aspect, as these students find value in the learning, the experience, and the joy of being a part of this crew. While this season’s crew is set, students interested in joining the stadium crew next year can contact advisers Logan or Hatch for more information.

“My favorite part is probably working with all the people,” Nickerson said. “It’s really fun because afterwards, we all go eat, and during the show, we’re all like – not messing around, but the people make it less boring.”