Art honor society sponsor, officers discuss long-term goals

Violet Delaney, students prepare for year of ongoing group activities


Nora Vedder

Clarifying details on a performance task, new art teacher and NAHS sponsor Violet Delaney leads her eighth-period AP Art History class. Mrs. Delaney additionally teaches Art 1, as well as Drawing and Design. “What I love most about being an art teacher is just being able to have fun with my students every single day,” Delaney said. “(Especially) getting the opportunity to see the (students) problem solve by themselves, and then seeing their skills make a product that represents them.”

Painting the faces of elementary students with bold colors, NAHS members use their art skills to brighten up the community. From holding art workshops and painting sessions, the National Art Honor Society, abbreviated as NAHS, involves themselves in the community by helping others create art. During lunch periods and Open House night at the school on Oct. 3, NAHS had a table set up at the club fair with information regarding their organization.

NAHS held their first meeting of the year Sept. 6, to discuss the group’s year-long goals, and what the members hoped the organization would look like this year. With the start of the 2022-2023 school year, new art teacher and sponsor, Violet Delaney, offers insight on what she hopes to achieve for the year regarding the society.

“I hope to accomplish gaining and retaining members,” Delaney said.  “[I want to] provide enough hours of service for them.”

The sponsor and officers work together to organize events and meetings, as well as creating service opportunities and making sure the club runs smoothly. At the end of the school year, new officers are elected, voted into office by the members of NAHS. Officer positions include president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and historian.

“I want us to use our talents and help others find their passions,” president and senior Lauren Marr said. “My main plans this year are to recruit new members, as well as go out in the community and serve.”

To maintain membership, members must complete a minimum of 40 community service hours each school year, 20 of which must be art related. Officers and the sponsor organize events as a group to help members achieve their service hours.

Art is a way to express the gratitude felt by students to members of the Prosper community,” secretary and junior Jaelyn Krin said. “Whether it is a teacher or stranger, the members of NAHS will give their art to make the world brighter and more colorful.”

NAHS sponsor Violet Delaney, new to the school this year, took on the responsibility of being the sponsor for NAHS as well as art teacher.

“I was offered the position by Ms. Seay, who was the NAHS sponsor last year,” Delaney said. “She said that it was a fun position to have. The students have fun, and I honestly just love doing outside work.”

Delaney teaches Art I, Drawing and Design and AP Art History. While being new to the school, she has already involved herself with a community of students who have a passion for art.

The main goal of NAHS is to showcase the talented students in Prosper and promote art in the community. This school year will be filled with opportunities for the young artists to get a chance to showcase their abilities through community service,

— NAHS secretary Jaelyn Krin

In order to become a member of the National Art Honor Society, an application process is required. Students in any grade are eligible to apply for membership. Applications for membership in the 2022-2023 school year are due Nov. 4. If accepted, new members will join the society through an induction ceremony, which includes both Prosper and Rock Hill High School members.

“I recommend people join NAHS because it is a nationally recognized organization that is very credible to colleges and other corporations,” Marr said. “For those who love art, it is a space to meet people who share the same interests.”

Graduating members of the National Art Honor Society receive a cord with bright colors, to represent their dedication to the group. Seniors must complete and submit their yearly 40 hours by April 30 to qualify for the cord.

Our meetings are filled with fun activities and great people,” Krin said. “Our organization is one of the best around, and we know how art is one of the best ways to bring people together.” 

Although the year has only just started for the group, both Mrs. Delaney and the officers have high hopes for what they will be able to achieve throughout the year.

“I think we have an amazing group of officers that are dedicating so much time outside of school, even during school,” Delaney said “They’re taking other members under their wings and telling them how awesome it is and just being total nerds. I think we’re (going to) be just fine.”