Review: ‘As It Was’ delights fans with surprise

Harry Styles announces third album, releases single March 31


Alyssa Clark

An infographic made with Canva features singer Harry Styles lifting his arms. Styles released “As It Was” at 7 p.m. March 31. His third studio album, “Harry’s Home” will release May 20.

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As a child’s voice draws you in, it’s the swift beat and quick melody that leads you through the door to the world of “As It Was.”

As the beloved “Fine Line” music era from British artist and former One Direction member Harry Styles comes to a close, Styles is ready to break down walls as he welcomes fans into his heart, and his third studio album, “Harry’s Home,” with his lead single, “As It Was,” which premiered in the U.S. on Thursday, March 31. Styles announced the release date of the song on Instagram March 28, with a photo of him stretching in the street in a dazzling red outfit, which fans can see later on with the music video of “As It Was.”

Styles has been posting on social media with pictures of doors slightly open – all with graphics, pictures or logos hiding behind these doors. So far, 12 doors have been opened, and can be found on @YouAreHome on multiple social media accounts. On Instagram, the account posts the doors, while Twitter posts the lyrics.

“As It Was” starts out with a sweet message from Styles’ goddaughter, Ruby Winston, and throws listeners into a bright, catchy, 1980s synth-like beat. It immediately demands attention from the listener.

My personal favorite part of this song is the second verse. I particularly love the line, “Harry, you’re no good alone.” It’s almost like he breaks the fourth wall with fans, and it’s really special to the overall message of growth and change that Styles demonstrates throughout this song.

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But, the song would absolutely feel incomplete without the whispered tones and mastery of the bridge. Something about it is so catchy and stays in your head all day. I feel like “As It Was” is a beautiful introduction to this new era of Styles’ music, and this song is unique to this new sound that fans will hear – but, it’s not too foreign that it doesn’t sound like Styles anymore.

I cannot wait to see what “Harry’s House” holds in store for listeners – it’s already marked on my calendar. I couldn’t get enough of this song, and I’ll be cryptically analyzing dates, like most of Styles’ fanbase, until we get another taste of Styles’ new era of music.