Review: ‘Heart Bones’ lures readers with summer romance

This Colleen Hoover book stands as 1 of her most underrated


Maya Contreras

In a graphic made by junior Maya Contreras, the book cover for “Heart Bones” by Colleen Hoover is shown. “Heart Bones” by Colleen Hoover details a warming story of two characters from different lives who long to be with one another. “I couldn’t help but spend time thinking about this book after I read it,” Contreras said. “It was beautiful and captured my attention.”


Walking into their trailer house, Beyah is undisturbed by the sight of her unresponsive mother laying on the couch. Left with nowhere else to go, Beyah resorts to her only option: her father. For the entire summer, Beyah will live with him and his family on a small peninsula in Texas.

All her life, Beyah has grown up in poverty and abandonment. Every day consists of finding ways to fend for herself, and making her way out of the small run-down town she lives in. Summer couldn’t seem to come to an end, as she longs for the future she has built for herself.

On the other hand, Samson comes from a family of wealth, and spends his summer living between beach houses. He is independent, and invests his time taking photos, making the saddest pictures the most beautiful. It is his photography that introduces him and Beyah to one another.

After an awkward encounter with each other, Beyah and Samson unexpectedly find themselves as neighbors. As the two of them start to know one another, it’s hard to ignore their intense connection. They come to the consensus that they will remain on the surface of this relationship, knowing they will be starting their new lives away from each other once summer comes to an end.

What is sought out to be an easy summer fling will leave both of them longing for one another.

Personal Opinion:

“Heart Bones” is one of the most underrated Colleen Hoover books. I was instantly captivated from the start, and couldn’t put the book down, as each chapter was filled with great detail on two completely different lives.

The best part of this book was the imagery that contributed to the realistic aspects of the storyline. As I was reading, I felt as if I was watching a movie alongside it. The amount of detail put into this book made the characters come to life, and gave them their own world, where nothing could come between them.

A dual perspective with two different characters from two different lives allows the audience to easily be able to relate to either character. This book has something for everyone. At times, I found myself relating to Beyah and her courage, as she took on everything that came at her. Then, I found myself relating to Samson, and his independence from those around him.

From every adventure Beyah and Samson took, I was charmed on how well everything was brought together. Every small event – from tattoo parlors to watching sunrises – brought me comfort and pleasure when reading this book. I often caught myself smiling as the characters opened up to one another and shared their time.

There is no greater book than one with a shocking twist that brings characters closer together. The twist this book brings shocked me, but also pieced together many different aspects of the novel. With this surprise, the audience is able to further develop a better understanding of Samson’s character and his life.

It upsets me to have completed this charming book and all its adventures. I would love to read this book for the first time again.