Girls lacrosse sweeps in 1st round, prepares for semifinals

Hustling down the field, freshman Shae Hagans carries the ball toward the goal post. The lacrosse team played Southlake Tuesday, April 20, at Children’s Health Stadium. “It feels absolutely incredible to be able to be in the position I am as a freshman, but also it being our first year in D2,” freshman Lauren Garst said. “I am so grateful for everyone who has helped us get to where we are now.” (Emma Hutchinson)

The girls lacrosse team will compete in their second game of the playoffs Saturday, April 24, at noon against Keller at Coppell Middle School North.

The team, currently ranked No. 1 in Division 2, moved up from Division 3 this year. This undefeated group, built with players from across the entire community, became known as the “underdogs.” The club consists of two teams, a varsity and a junior varsity, as well “swing players” who play on both teams.

“It’s been an incredible experience,” Rock Hill junior Eliza Smith said. “I am so grateful to be a part of this amazing group of people. It’s definitely astonishing to rise so quickly through the ranks, but I can confidently say it’s due to all of our hard-working players and outstanding coaches. There’s a lot of pressure on the team now, but I wouldn’t want it any other way.”

Running after the ball, freshman Shae Hagans reaches out to catch it. Hagans plays as an attacker and does the draw for the Prosper team. “It feels great (being able to experience this with the team),” Hagans said. “I love getting to see my teammates at practice and games, as well as playing lacrosse together. We have all worked so hard to go to playoffs, and I am so excited.” (Emma Hutchinson)
Looking to catch a pass from No. 33 freshman Shae Hagans, Ryanne Swords, No. 19, holds up her stick to ask for the ball. This is Rock Hill sophomore Veronika Volcajak’s first season with the team. “Through my time and work with the team since I started in September, I’ve learned that working as a team really makes all of the difference, and can get you so much farther as opposed to working by yourself,” Volcajak said. “However, each person on the team needs to make their own effort in order for the team to succeed, and when they do, it really pays off. Every win was so exciting to celebrate with my teammates, and were some of my happiest memories of this season.” (Rusty Joe Gonzales)

The club has four captains for the whole group made up of two seniors and two juniors.

“With it being my first year as a captain and first year as a team in Division 2, words can’t describe how very proud I am of what our team has managed to pull off with all the battles we have faced and shown resilience through,” junior Amandalynn Garst said. “I think that we have had a lot of struggles and have had to make a lot of adaptations with all the changes that we have encountered, but have found our way through them and always end up coming together as a whole in the end. This team has grown drastically in the past year and has so much talent all over the field, the best way to describe my emotions on being ranked No.1 in our division is overall proud of every single girl and all the hard work and dedication this team has put up. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us.”

Throughout the season, girls have joined the team, whether at the beginning of the fall season, the middle of the year, and even playing the sport for the first time. Player and sophomore Summer Riche joined the team this fall after moving to Prosper from California.

Storming across the turf, freshman Gretchen Teigen rushes past Southlake defenders. The game closed 18-6 with Prosper in the lead. “It’s been super awesome getting to be apart of a team that has had so much success this season,” Teigen said. “I think we have all grown a lot as players but especially as a team. We started the season as an underdog and are ending it as one of the top teams in the division which has been a super cool experience. It’s been such a great season and I’ve made so many great friends.” (Emma Hutchinson)

I think the team’s dedication to the sport has been key to our success. Dedication has made us think more critically about our actions and plays and willing to change in order to be successful.

— junior Lauren Wafford

“Through working with the team, I realized that it doesn’t matter what your skillset is, or whether you play on varsity or JV,” Riche said. “All that matters is that you try your best, be respectful and be present. Even if you’re on the sideline for the entirety of the game, it still counts for something. It still allows you to support the team while watching and getting a better understanding of the game. I’ve also learned, no matter how cliche it sounds, that teamwork really does make a dream work. I consider it a huge honor to be a part of a team that has made it to semi-finals. It’s truly incredible because we literally started from the bottom and clawed our way to the top. I love this game, and I love this team, and it makes me really happy that I get to work with these talented women and play the sport that makes me who I am.”

The team has trained for the playoffs for about two weeks. They adjusted plays, modified defensive strategies, and watched film to analyze their opponents.

We have become more of a family. We listen to each other and we communicate better on the field. We still have our ups and downs but we over came them together.

— senior Lily Evans

“I think myself and the whole team have worked to prepare for the playoffs by focusing and working hard during practice to better our plays,” sophomore Avery Wafford said. “Also, we prepared for playoffs by spending time outside of practice to understand how our opponents play and the best way to beat them. I do think the team has bonded over the season. Whether it’s at practices or on the sidelines at games, many friendships have formed between teammates this season.”

At the beginning of the season, each player set goals for themselves, and the team. This activity helped the team bond as a whole.

“My goals for the team were to try our best – even when we didn’t want to,” Rock Hill junior Izzy Evans said. “It was difficult to focus when we first started just because of everything that was going on. When we all came together and had the same goal in mind, that we were going to make it to the playoffs and we were going to win every game leading up to the playoffs, is when we all became one.”


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Who: Girls Lacrosse – Led by head coach Avery Redding

What: Win against Southlake Carroll 18-6

When: Tuesday, April 20 at 7:30 p.m.

Where: Children’s Health Stadium