Talonettes perform at ‘Crowd Pleasers Competition,’ claim title of Grand Champion


The Talonettes drill team performed at the Crowd Pleasers competition on Saturday, Feb. 27. The team competed three team dances, an elite dance, and three officer dances placing third overall. The Talonettes will compete at the MA dance competition on Saturday, March 20.

Talonette Officer Awards

Super Sweepstakes Winner

Best in Class: Contemporary (Winner), Lyrical (Winner), Jazz (First Runner Up)

Grand Champion: Large Division Winner

Select Officer Showcase Overall: Winner

Team Awards

Super Sweepstakes Winner

Best in Class: Contemporary (Winner), Jazz (Winner), Pom (Winner)

Judges Award (Crowd Pleaser): Team Jazz, Team Pom

Grand Champion: Large Division Winner

Overall High Point by Style: Pom (Winner)

Showcase Team Select Overall: 3rd Place

Talonette Elite

1st Place


Junior Solos: 

6th Runner Up – Mady Grobe

4th Runner Up – Ava Ross

Senior Solos: 

7th Runner Up – Reagan Newton

1st Runner Up – Ashley Ellis

Winner – Macy Strain

Finishing off the pom routine, sophomore Ava Ross stands by herself in the middle as senior Talonette captain Zoe Dale calls off the counts for the team to exit the stage. “I think we did amazing at our last competition,” junior member Karolina Rubio-Terrezas said. “Our dedication and hard work really paid off and that reflected on how well we did last weekend. I say placing third overall is a fantastic way to close out our first competition.”
With emotion, Sr. Lieutenant Julia Bisaillon, freshman Lauren Richey, sophomore Ava Ross, and freshman Reagan Nowak perform their elite contemporary dance. The officers also performed three additional dances. They won the Super Sweepstakes award, were the large officer division winner, and the overall select officer showcase winner.
Doing a tilt kick on the ground, sophomore Sami Mcgowan performs with the Talonette elite team.
The team placed first with their dance. This is Mcgowan’s first year on the team and she also performed a solo. (Caitlyn Richey)
Moving backwards, senior Talonettes captain Zoe Dale performes in the elite dance. The elite dance was a contemporary dance to “Total Eclipse of the Heart.” The elite team is a select group within the Talonettes that perform an extra dance at competition with a more advanced skill set. The elite team tried out with a contemporary routine in fall with special skills such as a triple pirouette, turning russian, tilt jump and leg hold turn. (Caitlyn Richey)
During the competition pom routine, sophomore Stephanie Womack sits in her splits after coming down from a turning Russian leap. “I’ve been competing for six years now and with COVID-19, I thought that I wouldn’t get to compete with the team this year,” junior member Carrington Langston said. “I’m so thankful that we get the opportunity and I’m so proud of what the team has accomplished this year.” This is Langston’s second year on the team. (Caitlyn Richey)
Traveling down center stage as they move to a new formation, freshman Lauren Richey, sophomore Madison Hall, and sophomore Madison Clark smile for the judges. On Saturday, March 20, the Talonettes will compete again at the MA dance competition. The competition was originally supposed to occur on Saturday, Feb. 20, but it was rescheduled due to the snowstorm. (Caitlyn Richey)
With her poms shimmering as she faces the back of the stage, Karolina Rubio-Terrezas lines up with her team as they make the first formation in their competition pom dance. Rubio-Terrezas also dances on the All Out Dance Academy competition team and performed a solo at the competition. “I was very excited to perform our contest routines,” Rubio-Terrezas said. “Our team has been working so hard on these dances and I was very excited to compete these routines that we have spent so much time perfecting.” (Caitlyn Richey)
When they weren’t stealing the stage, the Talonettes wore face masks to protect themselves and their team members. Standing on the side of the stage, the girls cheer on two of their teammates, sophomore Madison Elledge and freshman Kendall St. John, performing a hip hop duet. The duet was choreographed by Senior Talonette Lieutenant Captain, Ashley Ellis. (Caitlyn Richey)
Arms above her head, freshman Lauren Richey smiles big as she performs with her team in their competition jazz dance. Richey has been dancing since she was three years old, and this is her first year as a Talonette. This is Richey’s first year on the team. She is also a member of the Elite team. (Caitlyn Richey)
On the ground, the Talonettes perform their competition jazz routine to “Danger Zone.” The dance won the Best in Class award and Judges Award. It also came in second place of all the other jazz dances in its division. (Caitlyn Richey)
Smiling at the judges, senior Talonette captain Zoe Dale completes a floor kick in the competition pom dance. Dale also competed with Next Step dance studio in the competition team. Dale won first place with her solo. (Caitlyn Richey)
Wearing the 2021 Talonette Contest shirt, Talonette coach Cali Hoffman watches her team take the stage for their competition pom routine. The back of the shirt reads: “The key to success is action, and the essential in action is perseverance.” Despite the challenges they have faced this year because of COVID-19, the team has worked together to strengthen each other and persevere. (Caitlyn Richey)
Doing a tilt jump, senior Talonette captain Zoe Dale and freshman Lauren Richey perform in the Talonette’s contemporary routine. The dance was to the song “Heavy in Your Arms” and won in it’s division. (Caitlyn Richey)
Smiling to the judges, senior Talonette officer Reagan Newton, freshman Lauren Richey and senior Talonettes captain Zoe Dale finish off the jazz dance. The team won the Super Sweepstakes award and was Grand Champion for the large division. Overall, the team won third place. (Caitlyn Richey )
Completing a triple pirouette, senior Talonette Lieutenant Captain Ashley Ellis performs a solo part in the pom routine. Ellis also competed two solos at competition and placed second with her lyrical solo. “I loved attending Crowd Pleasers this year, we worked super hard on all of our routines and it was all worth it when we performed,” junior member Anika Rahman said. “They did a spectatcular job at maintaining safety protocols so that we all felt safe and comfortable and able to perform at our best.” (Caitlyn Richey )