Eagles advance to playoffs Round 3 after win over Arlington Volunteers

Christi Norris and Neena Sidhu

Click the photo above to start a slideshow of photos with captions full of information about moments from the varsity football playoff game on Saturday, Dec. 19 against Arlington Bowie.

The Prosper Eagles, 7-3, and the Arlington Bowie Volunteers, 8-2, faced off on Saturday, Dec. 19, at Grapevine’s Mustang-Panther Stadium for the second round of the playoffs. After being named Bi-District champions for the win over Flower Mound Marcus, the Eagles also took a victory over the Volunteers, 28-7. Now named Area Champions, the Eagles look to play round three of the playoffs.

Key to success

Senior quarterback Jackson Berry showed his skills by making connections with this teammates on the field, once again. Berry ended the game with 231 passing yards.

Senior Cameron Harpole did not disappoint fans this week and met the fans’ expectations set for him. In the first quarter, Harpole received a 23-yard pass. In the second quarter, he received a 10-yard touchdown pass along with a 26-yard pass. In the third quarter, Harpole had a total of 38 receiving yards.

Junior corner Tyler Bailey was another player that contributed to the Eagles’ success. In the first quarter, Bailey received a 22-yard pass. He had a total of 34 receiving yards in the second quarter. In the third quarter, Bailey received a 29-yard pass, resulting in a touchdown.

Along with Bailey and Harpole, junior wide receiver Noah Billings contributed to the 53 rushing yards total rushing for the team.

Aidan Siano’s most notable play from the game was an interception in the second quarter, causing the Eagles to repossess the ball. Throughout the game, Siano stood key stopping the Volunteer’s offense. In the third quarter, Siano tackled Volunteer running back Jaylen Sanders, stopping a potential touchdown to keep the Volunteers at 7 points.

Herman Lee and Mason Jolley positioned themselves as main defensive players with sacks and tackles that stopped the Volunteers from scoring.

Heading into round three

The Prosper Eagles are to take on the Haslet Eaton Eagles on Saturday, Dec. 26, at 11 a.m. at Globe Life Field. Tickets can be purchased here and are on sale for $15.

The Prosper Eagles will go into this game with an overall 7-3 record, and the Haslet Eaton Eagles are going into the game with 9-3 overall.