History’s Forgotten: Episode 3 – Holiday Special


Seniors Caroline Wilburn, Maddie Moats and junior Christi Norris discuss different holiday topics. “It’s interesting to learn new things about history,” Norris said. “And, it’s a fun time to geek out about history, my favorite topic.”

In this Episode:

Most families have their favorite holiday traditions to celebrate each year together, and for many of these traditions, there is a hidden and sometimes unusual history behind it. Junior Christi Norris, senior Maddie Moats and senior Caroline Wilburn are on the mic again in this “Best of SNO” winning podcast series to discuss the origins of different Christmas traditions and also to touch on some traditions that, for better or worse, are not commonly observed today.

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Topics Covered:


New Years

Santa Claus



Twelve Days of Christmas

Christmas Pickle

Fruit Cake