Online newspaper leads student journalists to success


Emma Hutchinson

The front page of Eagle Nation Online shines on writer Emma Hutchinson’s laptop. The online newspaper is student-led and focuses on publishing at least once a day. For updates on the school and community, check out ENO’s Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook profiles.

Emma Hutchinson, Chief Operating Officer


Editor’s Note: 

A glimpse at the content of this video package, created by ENO chief operating officer Emma Hutchinson,  follows:

Eagle Nation Online is Prosper High School’s student-led online newspaper and go-to source for all things Prosper Eagles. With daily publishing, staff members are always hard at work and strive to meet their deadlines every day.

“I took Journalism 1 my freshman year and just absolutely fell in love with it. I’ve always really been passionate for writing and it’s always been my big talent is I can just write essays and essays and long pages and pages of things and I just enjoy it. It’s so fun to me. I never knew how to put that into a productive form until I took journalism, and that really was just the perfect pathway for me,” senior and Editor-in-Chief Grace Williamson said. “Becoming a journalist is just so much fun because you get to meet so many different people, you get to write about things that you’re passionate about, and just really help readers. You get to help people, like here at our school newspaper, we get to inform people and keep them up to date with what’s happening in our school and tell stories that wouldn’t have been told otherwise.”

Staff members find inspiration in each other, and use their stories as creative outlets to voice their interests, as well as train to improve their leadership skills.

“I really do like the team aspect,” senior and Sports Editor Caroline Wilburn said. “I think everyone has such a good attitude and it’s really inspiring to see everyone put work into their projects and have such a passion for newspaper, I think it’s really inspiring,”

With a variety of different writing styles and projects to choose from, staff members are constantly working and helping each other succeed in every aspect of each publication.

“This class — it’s also really cool because we are all just constantly bouncing off of each other, like 500 things are getting done at once, and it can be really stressful. But, I think that in the grand scheme of things, we’re a really good team, and we all really care about each other and just want to make sure we get all our work done,” junior and Photo Editor Christi Norris said. “If you want to join ENO, do it. It’s worth it. There’s a place for everyone. It is definitely a lot of work, like you can’t slack off in the slightest because there’s always something going on, especially for a photographer. Most of us are covering an event a week or one every other week, and writers are constantly writing in-depth articles. There’s always something to do and it’s a lot of work but it’s really worth it.”

For Eagle Nation Online, I’m Emma Hutchinson, Prosper.