Pep rally performs skits, dances, cheers – while students stay safe


Gianna Galante

Poms in the air, senior Grace Dimmick finishes her routine. The cheerleaders helped prepare and present the pep rally. “Our team worked very hard to put out the best performance possible,” Dimmick said. “I’m extremely proud of our performance and don’t think it could have gone any better.”

Click the photo above to catch a look at the first pep rally of the year, held Sept. 25 at 3:21 p.m. Two groups — freshmen and seniors — attended this social-distanced event in the arena to watch the performances of the groups who organized the production. Sophomores and juniors who did not have a specific role in the pep rally watched via a live stream link in their classrooms. “Pep rallies are fun to perform at, but it’s weird this year without every class in the arena,” senior color guard member Emma Hutchinson said. “I still love being out there with my girls.”