Listen up – Columnist lists best podcasts


Aaron Boateng invites seniors Ana Arredondo, Ryan Stanley, and Kennedy Wyles onto an episode of “Timeout.” Eagle Nation Online produces a variety of podcasts weekly. “The best part about hosting podcasts is being able to discuss new topics and talk to interesting people while listening to good music,” Boateng said.

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Is your New Year’s resolution to watch less TV? Or, maybe you have a long commute to school or work. Even if you’re just looking for a way to spend your free time, podcasts are for you. And, there’s a long list of benefits to listening to podcasts, such as becoming more imaginative and bettering your public speaking skills. All in all, podcasts are a great way to get connected and informed about the world around you. Below, I have listed some of my favorite podcasts and why you should be listening to them, too. 


‘Sleep With Me’

If you’re like me, falling asleep at night is no easy task. Well, lucky for you, host Drew Ackerman will put you to sleep with his monotone voice and mindless rambling. Each episode he picks a new topic from Back to the future to Count Chocula’s cereal. This podcast has quickly become a staple in my bedtime routine. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a solution to sleepless nights. –Available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.


‘Office Ladies’

This podcast is perfect for The Office fan in all of us. Hosted by Jenna Fischer, who played Pam the receptionist, and Angela Kinsey, who played Angela, an accountant. Fischer and Kinsey take listeners through each episode of the show and talk about behind the scenes and memories made with each episode. This will truly bring a new element to your “Office” binge-watching. Even if you’ve never watched “The Office,” the podcast goes episode by episode. So use this as motivation to start watching.  –Available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Caroline Wilburn
Seniors Ryan Stanley and Kennedy Wyles sit down to talk on an episode of “Timeout.”  “It was really fun because I hear the podcast every week, but I’ve never had the opportunity to go on,” Wyles said. “Timeout” has new guests weekly.


‘Modern Love’

Recently adapted into a TV series, the “Modern Love” podcast is ideal for anyone looking for a podcast that will hold their attention. Each episode is made up of a personal essay from the column section of The New York Times. Each story is performed by a different actor or actress, from Kate Winslett to Jake Gyllenhaal. Whether you have a long commute or are trying to watch less TV, this podcast will whisk you away to a world of love, loss and redemption. -Available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.



The Lore podcast, hosted by Aaron Mahnke takes listeners through 100% true, dark historical narratives. This podcast is appropriate for people looking for a true-crime podcast based on real stories. With bi-weekly episodes, Mahnke makes history extremely interesting. I would recommend this podcast to any history or true-crime junkie. -Available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.


‘NPR Politics’

Sometimes politics can be confusing. If you have a fear of sounding ignorant at your next family gathering, the NPR Politics podcast is the perfect one for you. With a list of hosts, each covering specific topics, such as Congress or the presidential campaign, they break down all recent news and make it understandable. This podcast does a good job of updating you on all the news and telling you why it matters. I recommend giving this podcast a listen if you’re looking to get more involved or you just want to be more informed in politics. -Available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.


‘Eagle Nation Online’

A podcast run by your fellow students, “Eagle Nation Online” has a variety of episodes depending on the day. “Timeout,” hosted by Aaron Boateng, brings a new student onto the episode each week. “Fridays are for the Girls,” hosted by Emily Reish, sits down with two other girls to discuss all things Prosper. This podcast is perfect for your drive to school or your walk between classes. Discussing all the latest news in the high school and around town, this podcast is perfect for keeping up to date. And you can definitely count on getting a few laughs out of each episode. -Available on Spotify, Google and others.