Creative Writing Club to read holiday books to kids


Kennedy Wyles, Chief Operating Officer

The Creative Writing Club, which started four years ago, allows students to express themselves through their writing. The club, advised by Shawna Day and Stuart Gill, will read their original holiday stories to children in the community Dec. 10 in the library. They will also read additional short stories to family and friends Dec. 17 in the library.

The club meets every Tuesday from 4-5 p.m. in room 2232. Students who are interested in joining can attend a meeting.

“I started the Creative Writing Club in 2016 for people that do creative writing, but didn’t have a place to do it,” Day said. “It was set up as a forum where likeminded kids can workshop their work.”

Upon thinking of ways to serve the community, the club decided on the holiday activity.

“The idea was ‘Why don’t we do a reading for little kids in the library?'” Day said. “Everyone’s had to submit a holiday piece or something related, and they’re going to read it in front of these kids. Everyone who is submitting is going to bind their book, and we’re using art from the art department.”

The family and friends event will not be strictly holiday-themed, but students were allowed to do so. Students were given a maximum of 600 words to write.

“There’s a lot of kids that like to write, and we wanted to show them that the high school offers that,” Day said. “There’s some people who don’t want to do sports, or they do sports but also want to have this other avenue. There are a lot of people out there who are actually writers, but they don’t really talk about it very much.”

Cookies, milk and juice will be provided for the community.

“It will be probably a much better cross-section of what our kids are interested in writing about and what kind of forms they like to write in,” Gill said. “[It is a] student-driven opportunity for these high school students that want to get a hard-copy publication.”