Sneak Peek Overview – ‘Sally Face’ final episode drops Dec. 13


Steve Gabry

Sal Fisher, main character of Sally Face, awaits his court trial. What became of his murder case will become public knowledge Dec. 13. "Is Gabry up to the task?  Find out shortly by purchasing a season pass.", says writer Rin Jackson.

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Journey through a bizarrely murderous world of living notebook scribbles, ghost-infested treehouses and high school mystery meat from the perspective of a crippled, blue-pigtail-wearing boy named Sal Fisher (known as Sally Face) in this stunning psychological horror adventure. Fans have, rather impatiently, waited since November 2018 for a new release from the painstakingly slow development process. Ninety’s Nicktoons inspired one-man-team Steve Gabry to create a haunting masterpiece that garnered the attention of countless Youtube gaming sensations. It is nearly available in full to be enjoyed – or hidden from beneath the covers under your cat’s watchful gaze – in the comfort of one’s home and the knowledge of some long-time mysteries being answered.


Everything begins in the hospital where Sal relocated after an accident with a dog. His face is covered in mummy-style wrappings with blood and branches of hair seeping out, previewing the extremely important plot point of his prosthetic mask. What lies under the mask? Why did the dog attack? Such questions rear their heads at once.

he risks losing loyal followers forever and his biggest legacy being eternally marred.”

After an odd encounter at the morgue, the player is whisked forward in time to Sal’s new apartment complex (in which the vast majority of early gameplay takes place) where his father Henry, humanoid cat Gizmo and himself moved in order to escape the past. In a world where nothing is what it seems, the boy’s detective antics are encouraged by basement-dwelling best friend Larry and acted upon in police cases of strange neighbors and killings. Childhood takes dark twists and turns until a gruesome mystery is fully displayed as cliques (and cults!),  relationship drama and highly questionable lunch ladies are explored.

Long after, the story is told from death row – the perspective of the game. Involvement with so many crimes has left the court, and even the players, wondering if they witnessed a hero or a schizophrenic serial killer, and long-time fans will turn on the developer if all of their questions aren’t answered. A truly risky game is at play.  The questions have racked themselves up at an alarming rate, with so many existing that just one developer answering them all in a logical manner must be a truly daunting goal.  On top of this, everything has to fit in one last episode. Having not answered any of the questions in earlier gameplay leaves Gabry with no room for mistakes, or else he risks losing loyal followers forever and his biggest legacy being eternally marred. Every tiny detail must be designed with purpose.

Is Gabry up to the task?  Find out shortly by purchasing a season pass.