The Selection – A Book Review


Cover art courtesy HarperTeen

The Selection by Kiera Cass covers action, suspense, comedy and romance. The series can be found in the library ready for check out. “I love the slow build up of romance in this book,” writer Lexi Goodrum said.

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Book Summary

17-year-old America Singer lives in the futuristic kingdom of IIIéa. IIIéa is broken up into eight castes. Caste one holds the royal family, and caste eight contains people who barely have food to eat. America and her family are a part of caste five. Her family is a mix of artists and musicians who work hard for what they have. 

America’s boyfriend, Aspen Leger, is in caste six. He is a poor servant, but she loves him nonetheless. She loves him so much that she plans to marry him once their lives are more stable. The only conflict in their relationship is that Aspen wants America to have a better life. If America marries him, she will be in caste six also. So, Aspen convinces America to enter her name in “The Selection”. The only chance she has for a better life. 

“The Selection” is an opportunity to date and potentially marry the prince. The chance to become queen of Illéa. The drawing is open to girls of all castes to enter, but only 35 girls are chosen. America has no desire to go. She is stubborn and has her heart set on Aspen. Well, that is until she comes face to face with Prince Maxon when her name is drawn. Prince Maxon is everything that Aspen is not. He is rich, confident, romantic, and just as stubborn as America is. 

There is an unavoidable connection but America will do everything in her power to deny it. She loves Aspen. But she may also be falling for the prince…

Personal Opinion:

I absolutely loved The Selection by Kiera Cass. I really enjoy reading about love triangles, so if you do too then I highly recommend this book.

The characters are a huge part of the book for me. If I do not like the characters then I have a really hard time finishing the book. While reading The Selection I really connected with all of the characters. First, there is America Singer. She is a funny, determined and confident character. I love a book with a confident and stubborn main female character. It makes the story more entertaining and thrilling. Next, there is Aspen Leger. He is every girls’ dream boyfriend. It is really hard not to fall in love with his character. He is super handsome, strong, loving and treats America like she is his entire world. He definitely gives off the “boy next door” vibes, which I also love. Lastly, there is Prince Maxon. He is my favorite character by far. At first, it was hard to like him because I was so in love with Aspen, but as time goes on, Maxon slowly starts to become a better fit for America. Prince Maxon seems like he would be arrogant and selfish. But, as you get to know him, you realize he is kind, respectful and only wants the best for his possible future wife.

I love a book with a confident and stubborn main female character. It makes the story more entertaining and thrilling.”

— Lexi Goodrum

I love the slow build-up of romance in this book. I hate books where the characters fall in love so quickly because I feel like I cannot immerse myself into that relationship. I need a book that has slow progression and anticipation. It needs to be realistic, so that when the characters finally fall in love, it’s like a “Yay, finally! I have been waiting so long!” type of feeling. This book covers it all. Not just with romantic relationships, but also friendships.

In the end, The Selection is definitely a must-read. It covers action, suspense, comedy and romance. It is also in a series of five books so you can continue to read about America’s journey in The Selection. This book will be one that you cannot put down. You can also find this entire book series in the Prosper High School library so go check it out!