Girls lacrosse to set up “LovePacs” for families in need


Heather Freeland

The girls' lacrosse team will volunteer for "LovePacs" on Sat. Dec. 15. “A lot of people think of a sports team as a group of people who just play their sport," goalie Hope Raspberry said. "We really want to give back to the community as a team and as a family because they have supported us so much."

Haley Stack, Assistant Editor

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The girls´ lacrosse team will put together “LovePacs”  Sat. Dec. 15 at First Baptist Church for families in need this holiday season.

According to the website, LovePacs is an organization that started in 2011 with a mission ¨to feed children in need as an expression of love.¨

“LovePacs is an organization that was created to give kids food over holiday breaks who normally receive free or reduced lunch,” lacrosse coach Heather Freeland said. “That includes Thanksgiving, Christmas, and spring break.

LovePacs is an organization that relies on donations and volunteers around the community to make giving these boxes possible. Girls lacrosse chose to get involved after they received continued support from the community going into their second year as a team.

“Being a part of something greater than yourself is so important,” lacrosse goalie Hope Raspberry said. “A lot of people think of a sports team as a group of people who just play their sport, but we really want to give back to the community as a team, and as a family because they have supported us so much this season.”

Prosper has more than 300 hundred families that qualify for free or reduced lunch in the high school alone.

“Prosper is a huge community that rallies around their kids,” Freeland said. “Their kids should give back to them.”

There are 10 locations across Texas that accept donations. People can donate money online or see what is needed and bring the items to their local drop off location.

Spending their time giving back to the community this weekend will serve the girls as well as the families in need.

“It is allowing me to give back and help those in need,” defensive player Jacey Oxner said. “It not only has an effect on their lives and health, but it also makes me feel good. Giving back to the community that’s helping me is the least I can do.”

Freeland said families not having to worry about where someone’s next meal is coming from, especially over the holidays, is a huge stress off of them. 

“We’re all one big family and we’re here to support each other,” Freeland said. “It’s what makes the world a little better and a little nicer.”

The players have been gathering donations for the past week, and there is still time to donate. Below is a list of all needed items. All donated items must be collected by Fri. Dec. 14 and can be given to Haley Stack (

  • Eight cans of vegetables
  • Eight cans of fruits
  • Three cans of chunky soup
  • Eight ramen noodles or easy mac
  • One box of cereal
  • One plastic container of peanut butter
  • One plastic container of jelly
  • Eight individual Chef Boyardee (or similar) with meat or four cans
  • 10 granola bars
  • 10 individual oatmeal packets
  • 20 individual snacks