Girls receive pajama privilege
while teams continue in playoffs


Julia Solt

The Lady Eagles huddle together in arena Sept. 7 anticipating their match-up against the McKinney Lions. Now the ladies are in play-offs, and the play-off privileges have included "No-shave November" privileges for the guys in honor of the football team making the play-offs. Now, the girls are allowed to wear pajama pants as their play-off privileges in honor of the success of the girls' athletic programs. The varsity volleyball team plays Klein in the regional semi-finals Friday, Nov. 9 at 7 p.m. in Sam Houston State University's Bernard G. Johnson Coliseum in Huntsville. Tickets will be $6. The regional finals will be Saturday at 1 p.m.

Haley Stack, Assistant Editor

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Update: Due to other fundraisers, girls will no longer be allowed to wear shorts as soccer continues into playoffs. However, girls are allowed to resume wearing pajama bottoms.

Girls can wear pajama pants to school starting Friday, Nov. 9, as their privilege for playoffs.

Normally, guys have “No-shave November” when a team goes into playoffs, which is a tradition some girls have said leave them out. 

“There has never been (a privilege),” principal John Burdett said. “I was the one that wanted to do this for our girls.”

Burdett asked a sampling of girls at the beginning of playoffs what privilege they would want to have to celebrate the volleyball team’s victory.

“I didn’t get an answer,” Burdett said. “When I talked to the girls at the time, they said they didn’t want to do shorts.”

After Burdett did not receive an answer, a survey was tweeted out by junior Haley Stack for all girls to have input in what privilege they would want.

In 12 hours, 200 hundred girls submitted responses in a Twitter poll via a Google Form. The top two answers were Nike shorts or pajama pants. The girls Burdett had asked earlier decided it was too cold for Nike shorts, so he said he would allow the second request.

“It has to be within dress code,” Burdett said. “If there’s a hole, it’s got to be patched.”

Because Nike shorts were still the overwhelming request on the form, Burdett said he would respect that.

“When it starts getting warmer,” Burdett said. “If we are in the playoffs, we’ll look at Nike shorts.”

Burdett said he was concerned that girls have not had a privilege in years past and wanted to make it clear no one was ever meant not to be included in the privileges.

“It’s been a thing that’s going on here,” Burdett said. “Whenever playoffs happen, boys don’t have to shave. Females should have the same privileges when we’re in the playoffs.”