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Varsity football survives
late comeback attempt by Jesuit,
wins fifth game of season 30-28

Prosper senior Devin Haskins, No. 5, avoids a Jesuit Ranger defender. Haskins had 23 receiving yards and a touchdown Friday. The Eagles escaped Jesuit with a 30-28 win.

Prosper senior Devin Haskins, No. 5, avoids a Jesuit Ranger defender. Haskins had 23 receiving yards and a touchdown Friday. The Eagles escaped Jesuit with a 30-28 win.

Justin Hudson

Justin Hudson

Prosper senior Devin Haskins, No. 5, avoids a Jesuit Ranger defender. Haskins had 23 receiving yards and a touchdown Friday. The Eagles escaped Jesuit with a 30-28 win.

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Senior Cade York kicked an 18-yard field goal at the end of regulation to lift Prosper past the Jesuit Rangers, 30-28. With the score 24-7 at the half, all momentum pointed in favor of the Eagles, but the Rangers went on a run in the second with a minute left in the game, putting them in the lead 28-27.

The Eagles final drive consisted of a 48-yard rush by Wayne Anderson to set up the game-winning kick. Anderson had yet another performance to take note of, finishing with 231 yards rushing on 29 attempts.

The entire offense concluded Friday with 460 total yards. However, the Prosper defense ended up allowing 413 yards to Jesuit, with a major chunk coming in the second half. This game showcased plenty of offense and not much defense for either team.

Jesuit won the stat battle in first downs (24-22), but Prosper was a slightly better team in both passing yards (182-152) and rushing yards (278-261). The Eagles also managed to force an interception from the Rangers, which was the only turnover from either side.

The only concern from Friday’s game was the overall performance from both sides of Prosper in the second half. After a flawless first half, the team seemed to lose most momentum it had coming into the second. If it weren’t for York’s heroics, the Eagles would’ve lost a crucial home game to one of the worst opponents in the district, record-wise.

In their next game, the Eagles face McKinney Boyd (2-4), who will come into Thursday night following two consecutive victories over Jesuit and Plano. Prosper needs to be careful not to underestimate Boyd, which is an extremely hot team at the moment. The game will take place at the brand-new McKinney ISD stadium where the Eagles opened the 2018 season against Garland Naaman Forest.

Currently sitting in third place in the uber-competitive district 9-6A, the Eagles face an every-game-is-crucial reality when it comes to playoff hopes. With Allen being undefeated with a 6-0 record, the rest of the field is just hoping to finish in the top four spots in order to make the playoffs. Plano East, who dominated Prosper two weeks ago, currently holds the second place spot ahead of the Eagles. Prosper needs to keep winning, and they should have no worries making the playoffs. But, the position in the district is very important. The higher the team places, the easier the road would be for Prosper to win a hopeful state title.

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Cade York raises money for cancer through football

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2 Responses to “Varsity football survives
late comeback attempt by Jesuit,
wins fifth game of season 30-28”

  1. Jeff Davis on October 15th, 2018 2:07 pm

    As a Proud Eagle Fan/Follower allow me to express some congrats & concerns 

    Congrats on the season thus far with a record of 5 – 1. I have been listening by broadcast throughout the season but was fortunate to see the HOCO game in person. I believe this group of young men have the knack and talent to go far this season as well the playoffs. I am pulling for them but it appears not all are pulling in the right direction; especially the leaders in the locker room – COACHES. It is becoming more clear as I tune into the broadcast each week, witnessing the voices in the press box paint a picture of “rightful” frustrations that eludes to Coaches are – Biased, creating a divisive atmosphere and catering to certain players. I am going to express what most of the PHS Eagles fans and families are seeing and emotionally feeling. I am a fan without any team family but lots of town family. So I believe its paramount to hear and listen to a sports analysis of an unbiased perspective. 

    First, the HOCO game week was confronted with off the field issues where on FB I learned that several players were suspended for a game or more involving possible contact with alcohol. It was changed to ‘half a game for some and one for others.’ This was in no way appropriate for a coach to make such a decision and then recant unless – BOOSTER CLUB INFLUENCE was inserted due to playing favorites among the players. Coach Schmidt buckled and whether he knows or not it compromised his authority as a respectable coach. He needs to take a look in the mirror for his failure to implement and adhere to disciplinary actions when players demonstrate poor decision making on or off the field. Many wonder if this would have changed had it been a non-connected athlete… don’t think so! The saddest conclusion was witnessing one of the suspended athletes get to play five different positions on HOCO, preventing other players playtime as if to make up the time missed during the first half.

    It is clear that this Athletic Department along with the Coaching staff is ‘Promoting and Endorsing’ various players over other players – it’s not a good look and perception is everything! In fact, perception is often truth to power!

    I listened to the PLANO EAST game and it was embarrassing… you coaches are clearly not using all your available weapons to benefit the team. It seems that the goal is to exclude specific player(s) in order to highlight others that clearly are not as talented. You are affecting the team’s morale, unity and belief they can get to play in a championship game in Dec. The coaches are calling questionable plays to dim the light on some as they try and shine the light on the few. Frankly, the running will not make any money for you guys in the coming weeks so – pass the got darn ball in the air to a Receiver and stop trying to make a RB a WR! Stop stat stacking for certain players.

    Again the broadcaster mentioned some supposedly icon player had grandparents visiting on this past Friday where you almost lost to JESUIT… a team that you should have put up 70 points. Coach Moore – Offensive Coordinator was aiming to play call for I presume his FRIENDS which is becoming so blatantly that disguising favorite players is openly visible. Poor coaching is going to cost the Eagles a change to play in a State Championship like the Champs recognized on Friday. One more point on Friday’s game – with seconds on the clock and third down another dumb call. I recall you had a kid last year play Wildcat QB who we haven’t seen play that position at all this year or even a fade route could have been called but instead same old play – three times in a row!

    Even the live broadcast hinted at the disparities between the run and the pass game which left me to ponder three states away, reaffirming my assumptions that coaches are intentionally aiming to undermine the talent of some players which is undeniably clear. Remember that a COACH has an indelible impact in an athletes’ life that can either – defeat his spirit or elevate his soul. Your BS calling is becoming more blatant for fans to see and hear during the broadcasts. The bye week would have been a great time to assess and regroup but the coaches seemingly need more assessing than the players. To be candid, the Offensive Coordinator and Receiver Coach need to have a ‘coming to Jesus convo.’ There is obviously a power struggle or perhaps even a power dominance – either way the team will suffer!

    The Eagles do not stand a chance with a team like Allen unless the coaches’ biases and poor play calling changes! Championship Teams & Champion Minds like Allen don’t care about FAVORITISM or BIASES because they are all about that “W.” I cannot wait to hear the future broadcast against Allen which is supposed to be televised by ESPN. Please, please don’t make Prosper look like #FOOLS for the world to see.

    I will be listening and watching!


  2. Susie Clarkr on October 15th, 2018 2:38 pm

    Congrats to EAGLES…. we about to make some District #NOISE

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Varsity football survives
late comeback attempt by Jesuit,
wins fifth game of season 30-28