Republican candidate will not attend Town Hall Forum


Haley Medeiros

Senior Paige Ruder holds up a "Texas Voter Registration Application." Students can attend a town hall forum with democratic candidate Lorie Burch on October 3. Students from high school government classes had planned to host a debate between both candidates running in Texas' Third Congressional District race, but republican candidate Van Taylor could not attend. "The goal always was and always will be to educate students on the good side of politics," senior Zane Smith. "Even if students are heavily opposed to Lorie Burch's ideals, they should still come so they can voice that opinion, and potentially have a dialogue with Ms. Burch."

Haley Medeiros, Reporter

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Republican candidate Van Taylor will not be present at the Town Hall Forum Wednesday, Oct. 3 at 7:30 p.m. 

Taylor’s camp said their schedule was busy, and the candidate had other events scheduled that will keep him from being able to meet democratic competitor Lorie Burch for a debate at Prosper, so the event now has become a “Town Hall Forum,” sponsored by students in the Advanced Placement Government class.

“When I mentioned that to the democratic candidate (staff members), they said ‘We don’t have anything on a schedule yet,’” government teacher Rod McCall said. “The Democratic candidate Lori Burch will be here. It will be less of a debate.”

The event will be less formal and will follow a town hall format, McCall said.

“We are going to try to find big cushy chairs to sit in,” McCall said. “The students are still researching the candidates. They are still developing questions, and they are still going to ask.”

Students who are not in an AP Government class can participate, as well.

“All AP Government students are submitting questions,” senior Zane Smith said. “If other students who aren’t in AP Government are interested, they can email me at with their questions.”

The event will be in the auditorium. Burch will have a campaign table outside the auditorium for questions and more information.

“We are hoping that Texas senator Van Taylor will change his mind and come,” McCall said. “But as it stands right now, she (Lori Burch) will be available before the event, and she will be there after the event, so people can have the opportunity to visit with her.”

Smith and McCall said they hope Taylor will change his mind.

“First and foremost, educational opportunity for students supersedes any sort of personal agenda that may exist,” Smith said. “With Texas starting to show more democratic trends, it is essential for Republicans to interact with their constituents.”

Senior Lauren Krupens said this could be an educational experience for students.

“We sit through lectures every single day, and we hear about stuff on the news, but we are not truly exposed to how government works,” Krupens said. “This kind of forum could be something that would show students how government should function and can function.”

Students who attend the forum will receive extra credit for their government or economics class.

“Lori Burch has a chance to be our representative in Washington D.C,” McCall said. “To be able to meet her and visit with her I think is an important opportunity to see how candidates feel about issues and why they feel the way they do.”