Junior lacrosse player commits to Jacksonville University

Shae Hagans reflects on years with Prosper lacrosse


Caitlyn Ketzle

Running down the field, No. 33 junior Shae Hagans looks for an open teammate to pass to. The Prosper varsity girls lacrosse team played against McKinney on Wednesday, winning 12-11. “My goal for the rest of high school lacrosse is to win a state championship,” Hagans said. “Hopefully it will happen next year.”

As the whistle sounds, junior Shae Hagans places her stick on the center circle, taking the draw to open up the first game of the lacrosse season. Hagans, nearing her senior year, will open a new game at Jacksonville University.

With more than 200 high school career goals and over 400 draw controls, Hagans looks to bring her midfield and attack talents to the college level, committing to Jacksonville University after graduation from Prosper in 2024.

A screenshot taken with permission from No. 33 junior Shae Hagans’ Instagram shows Hagans celebrating her commitment to Jacksonville University. The caption reads, “I am so excited to announce my commitment to play D1 lacrosse at Jacksonville University! Big thanks to everyone who has helped me along the way! Especially my parents and my Prosper/No-Excuse Coaches!!! ’28.”

Hagans has played lacrosse alongside teammates and friends since second grade.

“I’ve been playing since I was young,” Hagans said. “Lacrosse has taught me to just never give up and be confident, and have fun in everything you do.”

Division 1 college lacrosse will add to the various forms of lacrosse Hagans has played, including club lacrosse, box and high school.

“Box is my favorite, and it is a different style of lacrosse because it is played indoors,” Hagans said. “The play style is also a little different, which makes it fun.”

While pursuing her lacrosse career, Hagans faced setbacks, and most notably, a serious injury that took her by surprise.

“The biggest challenge of my lacrosse career was breaking my foot last fall and having to be on a scooter,” Hagans said. “I would fall (off of the knee scooter) a lot, and it was really embarrassing.”

After eight weeks of using the scooter, Hagans had to wear a boot for another four weeks in order to fully recover.

“It was really challenging not being able to play lacrosse or practice with my teammates,” Hagans said. “It was also hard coming back because I didn’t know if I would still be good.”

Despite her worrying about coming back, Hagans played the whole 2023 season and has not only influenced her team’s performance, but the teammates around her.

“One of my favorite things about Shae is that she not only pushes herself, but her teammates too,” senior and teammate Charis Tomboc said. “Not only is she a positive light on the field, but off the field as well.”

“Shae is always able to bring out the best in people. People are naturally drawn to her vibrant personality, always laughing and smiling whenever they’re around her.

— Charis Tomboc, senior

Hagans continues to work on advancing her skills, preparing for her senior year and college career.

“Not only have Shae’s skills improved, but her overall understanding of being a great teammate has as well,” assistant girls lacrosse coach, Caroline Corbliss, said. “This year has had its up and downs, but Shae is always supportive and has learned to lead even when it’s hard.”

Hagans brought home the “Most Valuable Player” award for Prosper lacrosse during her freshman and sophomore years, along with making the All-State team.

“Shae is very experienced, and we can contribute a lot of our success to her,” Corbliss said. “Not only is she highly skilled, but is always willing to share her knowledge with her teammates.”

During the recruitment process, Hagans received additional offers from John Hopkins and Rutgers.

“The recruitment process was so much fun,” Hagans said. “It was kind of stressful, but we were just playing a lot of lacrosse, and going to tournaments, and emailing a lot.”

Hagans said now she has her eyes on the 2024 season.

“For my senior season next year, I’m definitely looking forward to playing with my teammates and competing with them and getting to see them at practice.”