Review: ‘The Fine Print’ enchants readers with ‘dream’ romance


Maya Contreras

‘The Fine Print’ by Lauren Asher creates a dream like romance of two creators who were never meant to find one another. This book can be found at your bookstore. “I was excited to start reading a book by a different author,” senior and writer Maya Contreras said. “I can’t wait to read the next one.”

Maya Contreras

In ‘The Fine Print’ by Lauren Asher, the lives of Rowan, a difficult boss, and Zahra, former stylist and soon-to-be Dreamland creator, are chronicled as they work to overcome insecurities and personal issues.

Eager to hire a new creator for the Dreamland theme park, Rowan, Dreamland’s business leader, goes out of his way when he meets his new hire. Zahra, soon to become Dreamland’s new creator, was content with her job as a beauty salon worker, but then she submitted a review tearing down Dreamland’s most expensive ride.

Rowan is in charge of restoring Dreamland back to its fairytale environment after the recent passing of his grandfather. He looks to hire a new creator, when all of a sudden he reads Zahra’s review. A review that should have fired Zahra, led her to her dream job. 

But just when Zahra was thinking this would be the best job ever, she met Rowan Kane, the most difficult boss. Slowly, the two of them became a great team, but when they start having feelings for one another they learn that money can’t buy happiness.

When reading this book, I loved how fast-paced it was. Asher never dragged out the story, and left the reader with something new to think about each chapter. I also enjoyed how the chapters were short, which made this book an easy read.

When I read the first chapter, I was disappointed that Zahra’s job was somewhat stereotypical for a female Dreamland worker her age. But then, she was offered the creator job and I was excited when the story allowed her personality to come out.

The book started with Rowan and how he is now one of the business leaders of Dreamland theme parks. One of my favorite parts of this book is the series revolves around three brothers and what they have to do to earn their inheritance. When Zahra discovers Rowan’s secret, she teaches him that money cannot buy everything.

Another great part of this book, which does not happen often, is Rowan falls for her first. This is one of my favorite groups and this book is part of the reason why. The attraction between this couple is amazing.