Backbone & balance: Secretary contributes to athletics

Paula Adams accomplishes demanding tasks


Riley McConnell

Focused on her monitor screen, Paula Adams manages athletic department tasks. Adams has worked for Prosper High School for three years. She previously worked at Rogers Middle School, which feeds into both high schools this year. “She’s always willing to volunteer to help out with anything and everything,” coach Brandon Schmidt said. “She has been such an asset to our athletic department here at Prosper High School.”

People prioritized. Emails answered. Doors opened. Books balanced. Problems solved. Combined with a number of other achievements, a glimpse at campus athletic secretary Paula Adams’ daily impact on the athletic department is possible.

Adams first joined the school district via Rogers Middle School. Now, you can find her every day in room 1001 of the multi-purpose facility, commonly called the MPF.

Adams jump-started her first career path, in banking, in her senior year of high school, and continued growing in her finance skills in the following years. 

Feeling stagnant, Adams sought a new career — hairdressing.

“After I graduated high school, I actually got a hairdressing license,” Adams said. “I did that for a little while, and just decided not to do it forever.”

Adams then headed back to college for a new degree in business. Simultaneously, she worked a full-time job, balancing work and academics.

“It did take me a while, like six or seven years to finish up my degree,” Adams said. “It was hard, but I got through it.” 

One place she said she knew she belonged was in helping others manage finances. She made her way back to the business field via a payroll-manager position in Chicago, Illinois. 

“I had 30 people that reported to me,” Adams said. “We did payroll all over the U.S., for an HR company.”

Adams found that the high energy and constant work provided a good fit for her — one of the reasons why she came to Prosper High School.

Campus coordinators Erin Kauffman and Brandon Schmidt said they appreciate the support Adams gives coaches – and student athletes.

“I met Mrs. Adams through our zoom interview,” Kauffman said. “I automatically could see how nice she was, and could tell everyone else felt the same.”

In addition to keeping track of a demanding, fast-paced job, Kauffman said Adams contributes even more to the campus.

“She’s just a really friendly, genuinely good person,” Kauffman said. “Ask anybody here, and they will back up that statement.” 

From the start, Schmidt said he knew Adams could provide exactly what athletics needed.

“She’s always willing to volunteer to help out with anything and everything,” Schmidt said. “She has been such an asset to our athletic department here at Prosper High School.”

Administering all of the athletics at the school, Adams has taken on a lot of roles over the years, including handling orders, supporting athletes, scheduling events, etc.

Schmidt said her constant positive attitude and willingness to get the job done have made her impact unmatched.

“We all value her servant’s heart,” Schmidt said. “She’s here to serve and help out our athletes.”