Celina students raise money for teachers with Powderpuff tournament


Junior Powderpuff team, Courtesy of Logan Sandidge

Neha Madhira, Editor-in-Chief

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Celina High School students hosted a Powderpuff tournament Wednesday, May 29 to raise money for two staff members, Shannon Layman and Danielle Bailey.

Layman was diagnosed with Prostate cancer before spring break and had a surgery the last two weeks of school. Bailey has four different diseases that prevent her from having children, so she and her husband, Michael, want to adopt. In total, the CHS students raised $1125.

“Right before spring break, Mr. Layman wasn’t feeling well and after going to the doctor, he was diagnosed with Prostate cancer,” senior Logan Sandidge said. “He’s been teaching at Celina High School for 23 years now. It really hurt all of us to see him going through this.”

Sandridge said that her high school had already had their Powderpuff tournament a few weeks ago, against the now-graduated senior class.

“Our normal Powderpuff game was a few weeks ago for Project Graduation, but since the high schoolers loved the game so much the first time, we thought it would be just as successful a second time,” Sandidge said. “Bailey Dean and I had planned a second one for the community because we thought it would raise a lot of money for both teachers,”

Although all of the teams that played were made up of high schoolers, the whole community was invited.

“The teams playing weren’t just from Celina,” Sandidge said. “They were from different high schools, but everyone was invited to come. We just wanted to raise money in any way we could, to help them.”

Here are Layman and Bailey’s stories: