Celtic Festival shares a ‘wee bit’ of Scotland

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Celtic Festival shares a ‘wee bit’ of Scotland

Kester Muthalaly, Photography Editor

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Over 20 Celtic bands, a variety of Scottish athletic events, a plethora of dog breeds, assorted Celtic foods, and filled parking made Mar. 24’s Sherman Celtic Festival and Highland Games.

Many Celtic breeds of dogs such as Irish Setters, Welsh Corgis, and West Highland Terriers were included at a Dog Parade. The border collies participated in a special sheep herding demonstration.

This 2nd annual event showcased a numerous amount of activities such as whiskey tastings where adults sampled Scotch whiskeys from different areas of Scotland, while learning the production process as well.


Along with these activities, the Texas Celtic Athletic Association held Highland games. With Scottish hammer throwing, weight throwing, shot put, and tug of war, the day was filled with many exciting sights as athletes flexed their muscles

Many adventurous attendees clashed in mock viking battles where they reenacted historical styles of fighting like Historical European martial arts.

Adults and even kids enjoyed an amusing taste of the battles as well.

Throughout the festival, the sounds of Celtic bands filled the venue. Bands like the Blaggards as seen below performed.