HOT, not, and what? Vol. 1 Edition 4


Jaden Kolas

Where do the topics lie? This scale measures how HOT or not this weeks topics are.

Staff, Reporters


  • Spring break week
  • Later sunset
  • Huge voter turnout
  • Coach Cooper
  • HQ
  • Stoneman Douglas students use their voices


  • Losing an hour Sunday
  • Aurora the polar bear died
  • Atmos gas leaks in Dallas
  • The roadkill on Rockhill
  • People driving on Prosper Trail with their brights on


  • Now how do I change the clock in my car?
  • Stealing an Oscar
  • 6 teenagers running for governor of Kansas
  • Chicken & waffles eggs benedict
  • McDonald’s flipping the golden arches for national women’s day
  • Huffines-paxton race ad campaigns
  • Kobe’s Oscar win
  • Barbra Streisand clones her dog