News Brief: Tip411 offers ways to stay safe during after school hours, semester breaks


Soomin Chung

In a graphic made by senior and executive design editor Soomin Chung, the Tip411 logo shows with Prosper’s key word. The attached article provides three ways to contact Tip411. If immediate help is needed, call 911.


The Tip411 anonymous reporting site is one of the resources provided to students, staff and concerned community members at Prosper who need to report any suspicious behavior or potential threats. If immediate help is needed, call 911. Tip411 is used as a third-party source for anonymous tips to the Prosper ISD police department.

Tips can be submitted during or after school hours. The resource provides three different ways to submit tips for anyone who needs to get in touch with Prosper ISD police officers.

The first method is to submit a tip at this link. That website offers a direct connection to the Tip411 website.

The Tip411 keywords for every school can be found on the Tip411 section on the Prosper ISD website. Tip411 is an anonymous reporting service for Prosper ISD students and staff. The service is available during breaks, weekends, during school hours and after-school hours, and it should not replace the use of 911 for immediate emergencies. (Courtesy of Prosper ISD website)

The second method is to text “PHSTIP” to 847411, where you can send an anonymous tip. Keywords like “PHSTIP” need to be in all uppercase letters.

The third method is to download the Prosper ISD app. On the app, click on Tip411. Once the message is received, a new message will be sent back.

To view a tip’s status, save the ID that will be provided after submitting a tip. Tip submissions may not be received until the next day. For immediate action, call 911 to talk to the Prosper police department.

If a student making a tip is in Hope Squad, they should follow up with their Hope Squad adviser. These three methods can be used for any Prosper ISD middle and high school, as well as the district itself, and the only difference will be the keyword sent to the 847411 tip line.

Hope Squad students are trained in QPR – which stands for question, persuade and refer – and the procedure allows students to get a safe and calm way to talk to a counselor during school. Hope Squad students also know the procedure for submitting a tip about a student’s safety, and following up with their Hope Squad adviser.