Foreign language honor societies to induct students

Haley Stack, Reporter

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This month students were inducted into the Spanish, ASL, or French honor societies.

“The Spanish organization is a national organization,” spanish teacher, Francisco Salas said. “Students that are making high grades are inducted and they can continue to learn Spanish beyond their classrooms.”

There are many requirements to get inducted into any one of the three societies.

“Students have to be taking a certain level of French classes and have a certain GPA,” french teacher, Diedre Goletto said. “They are then inducted into the French National Honor Society and they get an additional cord at graduation.”

Students that are invited to join are highly encouraged because there are many incentives for their participation.

“They get to use their Spanish in real world situations,” Señor Salas said. “They learn different things, they can use it on college applications, and when they graduate they get a bilingual endorsement in Spanish.

Students that participate in any of the societies have certain obligations to uphold to keep their membership.

“In Spanish we have a meeting once a month which is mandatory,” Señor Salas said. “They have to complete 20 service hours, which we call culture hours, which have to be exclusively Spanish activities.”

Students participate in culture hours so that they can understand the language in a way that the classroom setting can’t provide.

“It’s a hard skill which is why it’s important to have outside opportunities,” Señor Salas said. “It’s important to have outside opportunities besides just learning charts.”

There are many things the teachers of these languages are wishing for this school year.

“I hope students will take it seriously and get excited about using their French outside of the classroom,” Madame Goletto said. “They are helping out with the French Club and helping out other students during eagle time. I hope they feel more confident and are happy about using this skill they have learned.”