FFA Show Team returns with 18 champions


Kristy Carr

Neha Madhira, Assistant Editor

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The Prosper FFA competed at the Collin County Junior Livestock Show and returned with 18 champions. Students have trained for this competition by caring for animals, growing plants, or creating designs for a consumer for months.

“FFA is the largest, student-led organization that is hosted by different schools and the community,” senior and Steer Exhibitor competitor Chase Davis said. “It stands for the Future Farmers of America but it goes farther than that. There are a bunch of speaking and leadership events. There are just a lot of different things that you can grow yourself in.”

At this livestock show, there were events with pigs, goats, cattle, chickens and rabbits as well as Leadership Development Events (LDE’s) and Career Development Events (CDE’s). Davis placed 2nd in Light Weight as well as 5th in Heavy Weight with his crossbred pig.

“I basically trained for this show my washing, walking and putting oil on my pig every day,” Dais said. “I have also done job interviews in the LDE’s category  in the past where you make a resume, write a cover letter and business employers ask you questions in a regular interview.”

Davis said the students’ FFA teacher Kristy Carr has extremely helped the students get to where they are now.

“She’s really hands-on, especially the first two years that you do FFA,” Davis said. “The first year to a year and a half that you are learning, she is always there to help or answer any other questions. Although, I picked up on it pretty quickly so now if anyone has questions in the barn then most of the time they come to me and ask instead of bugging her with everything.”


All FFA winners:

Steer Exhibitors:

Lawson Herman—Reserve Grand Champion Steer, Reserve Champion Exotic, 1st in Class

Christopher– Champion American Breed, 1st in Class

Bryce Black-2nd Light Weight European Class

Carli Smith— 3rd in Light Weight British Class

Cidney Smith– 4th in Heavy Weight European Class

Swine Exhibitors:

Reid Applewhite—Reserve Champion White OPB, 1st in Class

Madison Lloyd—3rd Place Heavy Weight Duroc

Sidney Lynn– 5th Place Heavy Weight Duroc

Chase Davis— 2nd Place Light Weight Crossbred, 5th Place Heavy Weight Cross

Cassidy Levings—2nd Place Medium Hampshire, 3rd Place Heavy Weight Cross

Chase Tyson – 7th Place Crossbred

Brooke Archer– 7th Place Light Weight Crossbred

Market Goats:

Emily Linkletter – 2nd in class, medium weight, qualified for sale

Avin Lo – 5th in class, medium weight, qualified for sale

Market Lambs:

Kierra Robertson – 9th in class, medium wool, qualified for sale

Macqueleigh Phillps – 10th in class, medium wool

Gaby Flores – 13th in class, medium wool

Horticulture Show Results:

Riley Ball- Grand Champion Horticulture Project, Champion Silk Division

Kirsten Gauvey– Reserve Grand Champion Horticulture Project, Champion Fresh Division

Rachel Eckrote—1st Silk Asymmetrical Design, 3rd Fresh Corsage Class

Becca Ausenbaugh—5th Silk Asymmetrical

Mason Koons—1st Hanging Basket, 3rd Vegetable Class

Morgan Dudley— 4th Place Mardi Gra Class Silk

Hailey Weishaupt– 7th Asymmetrical Class

Market Rabbit Results:

Annika Robertson- Reserve Grand Champion Meat Pen & Reserve Heavyweight Meat Pen

Kelsey Leisure- Reserve Lightweight Meat Pen

Meagan Stephenson- 6th Place Meat Pen

Gabrielle Phelps- 7th Place Meat Pen

Also placing were:

Elaina Estremo

Caelan Reis

Zulma Urena – Palacio

Breeding Rabbit Results:

Rachel Sword- 1st Place, Best of Variety, & Best of Breed

Callie Leland- 1st Place, Best of Variety, & Best Opposite Breed

Adeline Alcala- 1st Place, Best of Variety, & Best Opposite Breed

Caleb Stephenson- 1st Place, & Best of Variety

Cody Robinson- 1st Place

Yamile Ovalles Rodriguez- 1st Place

Also placing were:

Kate Carbajal

Kelsey Cavender

Caelan Reis