Where’s the spirit?



School spirit is at an all-time low.

“If you wanna make the world a better place, take a look at yourself, and then make a change” – Michael Jackson’s Man in the Mirror. 

It’s up to us to be the difference. If we don’t stand up for our school, no one will. Everyone wants their high school to be better, in whatever way that is, but we have to be the change we want to see, otherwise, it will never happen.

Four years ago, student Maddie Floyd and a group of her friends came up with the USA pep rally. Since then, we have had first responders and even a man who was in the Boston Marathon bombing at our famous pep rallies. The idea of one student has exploded into a cherished tradition, and we can do it again.

We the students have been blessed with a handful of sand, and as we are going now, the spirit is slipping through our fingers. We can scoop some of it back, but once it’s gone we can never pick all of the grains back up again. As the months go on, more and more students who move here have no idea about our identity. The student body continues to gripe about the problems, but we can’t keep complaining and looking to the administration to manufacture spirit. Something needs to be done among us while we still can.

Our school used to be like any other until 2012, which was the beginning of our legendary pep rallies and the Prosper Rumble with 200k+ views in 2013. Schools were jealous of us and they even tried to replicate the magic that we had. Once we were proud of who we were – “We are Prosper, we are one.” Yet how can we brag about fights, vaping, and graffiti which were not a part of our true identity, and it should never be.

The saying  “You get what you give” applies to our student body as well. We have only one high school career, and it is what we make of it. It’s never been about the pep rallies or the expense of our school that has made us who we are. Prosper is a family, we are one and change can’t catalyze if we don’t do this together.

If we don’t stand up for our school, who will? We are Prosper.