History’s Forgotten: Episode 8 – Charles Coward


In a photo taken by sophomore Gianna Galante, seniors Maddie Moats, Caroline Wilburn and junior Christi Norris, record the eighth episode of History’s Forgotten. In this episode they discuss the life of Charles Coward. Coward was best know as the “count of Aushwitz” and saved the lives of hundreds of Jews.

In this episode, seniors Maddie Moats, Caroline Wilburn and junior Christi Norris discuss World War II hero Charles Coward, nicknamed the “Count of Auschwitz.” A British soldier, Coward was taken as a prisoner of war by the Nazis and made several escapes. After witnessing the conditions of Jewish prisoners at the notorious Auschwitz, he helped them escape, and sent codes back to Britain detailing what he witnessed at the death camp, all while still being a prisoner himself. Coward was named a Righteous Among the Nations and a British hero of the Holocaust in 2010, 34 years after his death. 

Topics Covered:


Nazi Germany


POW camps

Righteous Among the Nations