Varsity golfer ‘swings’ into action for community


Photo Courtesy of Leith McMillan

After one of their in-person meetings, the Students for Salvation members group together. This club helps bring Christian students together. “Students for Salvation is a club that my friend Parker Covington and I started so that students could have a safe place to come eat donuts and talk about some other things in their life,” sophomore Landon Bownds said. “It’s so cool to see how God moves that in that classroom.” Members pictured here (back row left to right) include Anna Nystuen, Kaitlyn Lakins, Emma Savage, Jadyn James, Alex Frederick, Corrine Milburn, Tyler Mercer, Evelyn Bradley, Kristen Bradley, Parker Reynolds, (front row left to right) Parker Covington and Landon Bownds.

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Crouching as he focuses on the hole in the distance, sophomore Landon Bownds prepares to putt one more time. Bownds, a two-year member of the varsity golf team, said his passions range from serving for his faith to being a light for the student body.

As the varsity golf team finishes their season, and looks to compete in the district competition at the end of this year, Bownds continues to work hard on and off the green. From starting his own club at school to being available for friends, he is involved in his community and his team

“I love my team. Those guys mean so much to me, and they are a big reason why I am who I am,” Bownds said. “I just want to do my part and try my best to make everyone on my team feel like they are cared for and show my appreciation for them.”

Bownds’ varsity golf coach Nick Sharp said he is a “great student athlete” with “tremendous” school pride.

“With golf being thought of as an individual sport, you get a lot of individual ideas,” Sharp said. “Landon has taken his role in golf and made it into a team sport. Just recently, as we were working out, Landon took the opportunity to sing karaoke to get his teammates out of the remaining part of their workout. Earlier this year he made wristbands for the entire team that displayed our motto for the year — ‘we over me.’”

Bownds also played a role in starting a school club called “Students for Salvation.” This Christian group intends to help students grow spiritually, get to know each other better, learn new things and embrace their faith. It was started by Bownds and fellow varsity golf member junior Parker Covington.

“Parker and I felt called to start a club for PHS and create amazing opportunities for other Christians around us,” Bownds said. “God has really taught me to have a heart for others and how to be a leader.”

“Parker and I felt called to start a club for PHS and create amazing opportunities for other Christians around us. God has really taught me to have a heart for others and how to be a leader.” ”

— Landon Bownds

Students come together to talk about their faith and grow together with their shared beliefs. Their Instagram contains videos from members, specifically Covington and Bownds, and can be found at @studentsforsalvation_phs.

“Landon would take the shirt off his back and give it to someone if it meant that he was going to help them. I knew that Landon was a Christian because of his actions towards others,” Covington said. “Landon’s lifestyle reflects Christ, and I truly couldn’t ask for a better partner.”

As he prepares for his swing, sophomore Landon Bownds practices for the upcoming season. Bownds has played golf since middle school. “Landon has done many unselfish things as a member of the Prosper Golf Team,” coach Nick Sharp said. “Most of the time you can find him helping out his fellow teammates on the course or during practice.” (Photo Courtesy of Nick Sharp)

Covington goes on to call him one of the most caring people he’s ever met. Bownds, also a member of Hope Squad, works with others in the club to provide a lifeline for students. He and other members try to teach the student body about suicide and mental health.

“He holds me accountable on the daily and ultimately gives me a friend that I can rely on,” Covington said. “I once got into a car accident and that night, Landon showed up to my house with cookies. It’s nice to know that I have a friend who always has my back.”

Obstacles have come in Bownds’ path with starting his own club and dealing with other challenges that high school brings. But for Bownds, he said he is able to face these challenges in his life with his faith.

“Since starting the club, I think the hardest thing is just living out that mission outside of the club while dealing with the things every other high schooler deals with,” Bownds said. “But, I overcome this with the reassurance that my God is bigger than anything that comes my way. I use that truth as my motivation.”