Nearby filming fan discusses ‘the strange things’ behind ‘Stranger Things’

Entertainment reporter Rusty Joe Gonzales interviews Georgia resident Ireland Holman for a behind-the-scenes look at the filming and set of hit Netflix series ‘Stranger Things’


Sitting at a computer recording with guest Ireland Holman who lives in Atlanta, Georgia, reporter Rusty Joe Gonzales covers the Netflix original series “Stranger Things,” along with other topics surrounding Holman’s connection with the show and it’s stars. “This was a wonderful experience for me. Rusty made it such a comfortable and pleasurable interview,” Holman said. “I’m so glad that I was able to share some fun insight of what it’s like living in the town that stranger things is filmed and created in.”

What’s it like to live near an avidly used, and secretly adored television set?


Ireland Holman brings us behind the scenes from an outsider’s perspective in Atlanta, Georgia, where popular Netflix original series “Stranger Things” has been filmed since November of 2016. Holman tells us anything she’s witnessed and behind the scenes connections she has through friends.


This podcast episode has a strange, or normal, thing for everyone to get in on! Click the link below the featured image to listen!