Backyard Ghosts podcast explores paranormal

Collin County ghost hunter reveals adventures in tracking down unexplained experiences


In the image above, ghosts linger behind a red backyard fence. “Ghost hunters are so cool,” Kalyani Rao said. “Even just in the short time I spent with JJ Jensen, I could tell she worked so hard to do she loves, which is hunting ghosts.”

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What’s it like to be an exterminator of things that go bump in the night?

In this podcast episode, host Kalyani Rao interviews JJ Jensen, founder of the local paranormal investigation team TexPart Paranormal, who shares the details of what goes down in ghost hunting. Jensen has been a ghost hunter since the late 1990s, and in this episode, she explains her job from the first horror show that drew her in, to her most memorable case in all the time she’s been on the job.

Whether listeners are avid believers or skeptics, there’s something in this paranormal episode for everyone. Click the link on the right below the featured image to listen.