Destiny 2: Revenge of Space Turtles


Ethan Clark, Blogger

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If you didn’t already know, Destiny 2 launched on September 6th, 2017 after the disappointment of Destiny, three years earlier. Destiny was considered a failure as a game despite it’s sales numbers due to innumerable problems such as bad/no story, lacking loot features, overpriced DLC, and bad AI. Destiny 2 has its problems, but compared to Destiny, Destiny 2 is a saint.

The Story

Destiny 2 takes place 1 year after the final DLC of Destiny, Rise of Iron. Immediately, your character is thrust into the action upon returning to your headquarters (the tower), to find it under attack by the Cabal. The Cabal were a minor antagonist in Destiny, but now they have a new leader who plans to wipe us out and steal our power. Without spoiling too much, you escape into the wild to find the tower leaders called “The Vanguard” on several planets. The story culminates into an epic final battle that I won’t spoil. All I will say is, the story has definitely been fixed.

The Good

-Good campaign that you won’t want to skip

-Epic abilities and powers that make you feel like a superhero!

-Improved loot system

-Beautiful art and world design

-Interesting cutscenes (for once)

-Menacing, towering villains and bosses

-Excellent score (music)

-Controls make you feel powerful


The Bad

-The story may be good, but it’s very cliche

-The campaign drags a little in the middle

-The Raid (see “The Raid”)


The Ugly

-Seriously Bungie, fix your bugs


The Raid

Raids are an endgame feature for people who have beat the game already, consisting of high challenge and reward. While this is the first raid to have narration, the raid doesn’t feel like an attack on a villain’s lair. It feels like a trial designed by game developers, making the raid much less epic.


Ratings (out of 10)

Graphics: 10

Music: 9

Cinematics: 8

Story: 6.9

Content: 8

Controls: 9

Gameplay: 8

Final Rating: 8.4


Overview: Destiny is a game you definitely want to pick up despite a few flaws. It is worth the full price and has my seal of approval.

-Ethan Clark (GT: LostLambWarlock)